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ABeezy's Nintendo 3DS 2.5D Box Fronts


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ABeezy's Nintendo 3DS 2.5D Box Fronts

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I am here to share another high res uniform set with all of you,


Looking what's out there for 3DS there was nothing that was uniform in both sizing and placement of the "Nintendo 3DS" banner. I wanted to make a set that was both high quality and has uniformity when scrolling through the platform of games. This set is done in a 2.5D approach like many of my other sets where carts/discs come in some type of case. This set contains every NTSC game that has been released to date. This set has a count of 418 Nintendo 3DS games. 414 + 4 of the "new Nintendo 3DS games".  I have named this set using the no-intro naming scheme. When dropping these in your Launchbox build there may be a few boxes that do not autoload due to the naming differences between how Launchbox scrapes the games and what no-intro names them. Therefore you may have to manually update a few images to your liking. I would also like to say thank you to Diskmach for providing me with a set of flat 3DS covers to implement into these set! Enjoy everyone! As always if any issues are spotted please let me know!


As included as a bonus are a sub folder filled with some first party Mario games that received an alternate release red case. I believe I have added all the games I have seen with the red case but if there are more please share a link with me and I can create that as well.



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