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Launchbox won't launch after latest update


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Hi everyone. 


Sadly I'm having an issue with my Launchbox after the latest update.When I click at the icon, as I always did for the past months ,nothing happens. Big box works without issues.


I am sure my firewall isn't blocking Launchbox, I've double checked everything there.

I tried adding the Launchbox . exe on Riva tuner and setting it to none,but the problem persists


I've read someone suggested changing the debug from false to true and then starting again Launchbox, but no log file is created this way.


I have a valid license not something illegal from piratebay,and everything worked like a charm before the latest update.


Can someone please help me? 


I'm using it on Windows 10 pro 64 

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With recent LB versions antivirus has been the problem. I know you said you are sure your firewall is not blocking, but I would look to see if it has already quarantined the LB exe or the dll. We have had users say they checked it is not blocking but never looked to see of it had already quarantined it and it was.   

If this is not the case and nothing is quarantined go into your \Updates folder and rerun the latest installer. You can run it right over top of the existing build. Just make you confirm it installs to a \Launchbox folder and not a \Launchbox\Launchbox folder. Double check that as many users have made that mistake.

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