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Drive a Raspberrypi digital marquee


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Is there a way to sync Launchbox directly with a raspberry pi to run a digital marquee?  I have a system that uses a 15khz arcade monitor and a somewhat unusual GPU setup.  I prefer not to complicate things by driving a separate high resolution display for the marquee.  It would be ideal if I can slave a Rpi to Big Box to run the marquee.

I know that I can use the Pixelcade "software only" DIY solution with LED Blinky, but this is less than ideal for a few reasons...

1. It requires LED Blinky which seems like an unnecessary layer of complexity.

2. It's dependent on Wifi and a network connection to work.  I generally try to keep my machines airgapped.

3. I'd have to purchase the Pixelcade software.  This is fine, but I'm not using any of their other stuff so it seems unnecessary.


So, is there a way to drive a Rpi (or some other display-generating device) directly from Big Box to sync the marquee images?  Ideally, this would happen over some sort of wired connection (USB?) rather than a network connection.

Or is there some other creative solution that I'm not thinking about?

 - Dave


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I can't speak to the specifics of using a PI and driving your LED, but the information the LB sends to Pixelcade is quite simple and nothing is stopping you from intercepting that information and running whatever program you need to accomplish your task. 

In your LB's settings, just set the location of Pixelcade instead to your application. Use the Platform and game name passed as needed  to decide what to display. Use whatever tool you need to send an image or text over to your Pi.

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