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NESiCA 2020

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This is a complete rebuild of my previous NESiCA xLive theme from a couple of years ago. This theme has been nearly two years in the making with all new artwork and banner images. As the theme uses wide banner images rather than more traditional image types (in line with the system it is based on) I have created banner image packs for most games which I will be uploading separately into the downloads library today - platform and playlist images themselves are bundled within the theme itself.

The theme has different views for both Horizontal and Vertical scrolling of banner images and each variant also has control images for Arcade, Xbox or PS control schemes - these can be switched between by switching view within the theme. It is recommended that you set all transitions to Fade within BigBox.

Should you need to make more banner images yourself or wish to alter any of the control layout images I have included the GIMP template files with the theme. For those unfamiliar with GIMP it is a free online graphics package that you can download and use and with the templates available this should be easy for you to create any images you may be missing.

As always, hope you enjoy the theme. 


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