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Wall view, access popup side menu?


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Hi, how do you access the side menu that lets you jump directly to a letter when in a wall view game list layout, not sure what the name of that menu is. Usually accessed by an unused directional input but this view uses both axis, I guessed it may be something I have to bind to a key in settings but nothing I tried seemed to be for that menu.

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Wall View at this time doesn't have the index (the function you are referring to). All the other views have a single navigation axis (you go up/down or left/right, but not both). Wall View has two, because of this we've been a bit torn on how best to implement the index in a way that's intuitive without getting in the way of your normal navigation.

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Yea I was just expecting to need to dedicate an extra button to do it if I want to use that view style, but I guess if you are trying to provide options for a range of situations such as input limited setups then it gets a bit more tricky. An assignable bind feels like its a fair core option to have even if you plan to have alternative methods.


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