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[INFO] Is there a way to add a custom pic to BigBox backgrounds?


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1 hour ago, nohero said:

No one can help me?

You only asked this the original question 18 hours before asking this question, these are not hugely populated forums, we are a niche product with a niche audience. No answer would either mean know one who would know the answer has seen your post, or know one actually knows the answer, everyone here is just a user like you after all, some more knowledgeable than others, no doubt, but just users who have no access to the Launchbox code to know what is going on under the hood.

As to your question, you would have to edit the code of the view, in the theme you want to use, as what displays in the background is usually controlled specifically by the theme. Sometimes you can trick it by changing image priorities in Launchbox, but often the theme is hardcoded to display the exact image the theme maker specified, so would need you to dive into the themes code and modify it to your liking in the xaml.

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I solved in a differnt way because I tried to edit xaml and the theme with Visual Studio but for some weird reason it didn't save.

Anyway, I've set in BB to show a backgraund from Fanart and I put in all Fanart folders ( Platforms and Categories ) my own pic.

It works good   ?

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