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Bigbox with Logitech G-Hub App?

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Wondering if anyone has had any success with setting up Bigbox with the Logitech G-Hub app to control the FE with the wheel? I have setup a Bigbox profile in GHub, pointing at the bigbox.exe and assigned my BB navigation keys to buttons on the wheel but when I launch BB these keys aren't working. I can set the same keys up in the Desktop profile in GHub and it works fine when BB is running but this causes issues when mapping the individual game profiles in BB. When I launch BB, GHub flips over the the Desktop profile. It's like GHub doesn't recognize bigbox.exe as a valid application. I tried attaching the profile for launchbox.exe also but no luck. I mean, there are workarounds but it seems like this should work.

Any help is appreciated...thanks...Piper

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51 minutes ago, Koroth said:

I don't have a Logitech wheel, so I can't answer your question directly. But If you add BigBox.exe from the LaunchBox\Core folder to the Logitech G-Hub, does that work?

Ah! Yes that did it. I've never understood the diff in the core folder stuff and the other ones but it seems to have done the trick. Thanks you so much!

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10 minutes ago, PiperCalls said:

I've never understood the diff in the core folder stuff

The LaunchBox\Core folder is the "real" application folder. The LaunchBox.exe and BigBox.exe in the LaunchBox folder are merely launchers for the LaunchBox.exe and BigBox.exe in the LaunchBox\Core folder. So for example when you start BigBox, the BigBox.exe from the LaunchBox folder launches BigBox.exe from the LaunchBox\Core folder and after that terminates. That's why the G-Hub won't detect it.

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