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Wasn't there a General Chat once?


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Hi, like you can see i'm not really active in the forums. Mainly because i can't remember that i ever ran into any problems using Launchbox.

But if i'm not totally wrong, there was a (i think it was called) General Chat or something like that, back in 2017?

The reason i'm asking this is, that i was on the search for a place to post how happy i am with LaunchBox and to thank everyone behind this Software and Forums for their fantastic work.

And i would like to thank the support team that helped me today, with a question i had about my License.xml file, really fast (In this case thanks to Brian, so courteous.)

This Noob section was the most fitting one for this question i think, even that maybe it's not really the right place for this.

Anyway, i just had to say this. Worth the risk to get punished for posting in the wrong place. :)

Thank you!

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Oh, ok that`s totally my fault then. I scrolled up and down several times and obviously overlooked that.

Now that you mentioned it, it almost jumped at me. xD

Maybe you can transfer this to Monkeys then? I think it (and me also, lol) belongs there much more then here. Only if possible for sure. Or you could just delete this, Up to you and your possibilities.

Thanks in advance. :)

Edit: I found the Moderation Actions drop down button at the top, but am unsure if i can (or am allowed to) use it, and what it will exactly do.

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