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Having issue getting Discs of Tron ROM to open through latest version of Launchbox where it worked before the update.


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I used to be able to play Discs of Tron successfully through Launchbox and BigBox. But after the most recent LB update (11.18) I can long longer access the Discs of Tron Rom through either LB or BB. When I click on the game the blue progress circle spins and then it looks like it's  about to open the game but then it just goes back to previous Launchbox or Big Box menu. However, I can still successfully open the rom directly through MAME. I made sure I had the most updated version of Discs of Tron ROM and I believe I do. Have others noticed something similar with this ROM or other ROM's? So far for me, that is the only ROM I've had trouble opening where it used to work before.

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No issues here with that game on 11.18 beta 3.  Did you verify in LB that that game is not using some special custom command-line under Edit Game, Launching/Emulation. Also would double check Emulator setting is set to your normal working setup for that game and the Platform for the game is set correct as well.  Last thing would try would be to delete that game from LB and do a drag drop to reimport just that game.  Other than that, doesn't make sense if everything else working as well as said it works outside in MAME so no ROM issue. 

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Thanks for the response. After I tried your suggestions I then realized what I was doing wrong. This ROM was updated for a spring 2021 Mame. I was erroneously opening my old MAME version (I didn't update my desktop shortcut with the new version) but launchbox was trying to connect to the updated 2.35 MAME I installed. So launchbox tried to open the old rom versions using MAME .235 whereas the desktop shortcut was opening them using an older MAME .226 that I did not trash yet.

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