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Organizing my collection using separate directories per game


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Sorry if this has been already asked, but I haven't found any topic discussing it. I would like to organize my collection in a one game per directory kind of way. For example:

Sony Playstation
       |----- Crash Bandicoot
              |-------------- Game (ISO)
              |-------------- Manual
              |-------------- Front box
              |-------------- Back box
              |-------------- etc.

Does Launchbox support such a structure?
Thank you!

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The short answer is no. You can have the ISO and manual in that structure but the image and video location has to be the same location for all games in the platform and the hierarchy would have to match what we currently use. Your images and videos would still be placed similar to how we do now. You could potentially theme LaunchBox and Big Box to pull images and video from a structure system like that, but you wouldn't be able to use LaunchBox to manage the media at all, tools like Download Metadata and Media wouldn't place your images in that folder structure, and tools like Audit and Games Missing Media wouldn't be able to accurately tell you what you do or don't have. The image cache system would also not be utilized so you would see performance loss unless you built your own system or plugin to create the cache images for you.

You COULD potentially do something similar to how some android/retropi setups do though where you structure would like like:
     | --- Images
          | --- Box Front, etc
     | --- Videos
          | --- Video Snaps, etc
     Game Files

That being said you would have to manually adjust the folders for every platform to make that structure work which will take time, there is no automated way to do so.

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