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Matching Media with ROM names seems off?


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Since a week i'm trying to convert my Hyperspin setup to Bigbox. So far so good! As i have to merge 20+ systems it's key for me that matching media to ROMS is as much automated as possible. I have an Emumovies account integrated.

I'm currently working on the Commodore Amiga set and for me it seems random if a media is matched or not:

Example 1:

- ROM name: 1stDivisionManager_v1.0_1800.lha

- Doesnt find any media

- Edit game

- Rename Title from 1stDivisionManager_v1.0_1800.lha to 1st Division Manager

- Media matches and downloads properly


Isnt Launchbox capable of seeing where the _ is and match on the name before it?


Example 2:

- ROM name: 3DGalax_V1.0_1085.lha

- No media match

- Replacing with the same game different ROM set

- ROM name: 3DGalax_v1.0.zip

- Media is matching

Rom names are different but the setup is similar, why doesnt it match on the first one but does on the second ROM name?


If anyone can shed some light on this it would be much apperciated!


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Any extra information that isn't the game name should always be bracketed, as it is then omitted from the rom name for purpose of scraping, this is true for any systems, but Amiga has always been a bit of a outlier as they use a really bad naming scheme with no spaces for the actual game name, as well as a bunch of info just stuck on the end of the name, so that is never gonna work correctly for scraping. "1stDivisionManager_v1,0_1800.lha" should really be "1st Division Manager (v1.0_1800).lha".

I would recommend using the below tutorial while it is extra manual work, its far quicker than renaming every rom, which is ideally what you would do, as i have done myself, although i only have a curated set of about 300 Amiga roms, but they are all correctly named.


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