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Games DB change request?


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I've been doing my best to help moderate the games database, but some changes / filters would make things easier.

First I'm not into a expert in researching all platform games, and have to skip 24 hours allot I've seen too many tiny updates for C64 that are too hard for me to research C64 had so many home brewed stuff .
Can we like Moderate by Platform ?
Other groups to Moderate by is New Games only, Change Requests, and Deletions. This helps prioritizes things. 
Plus Add/Change the Games DB seems to be missing some new added fields.
For example Controller type should be added.
I would like to personally see "Touch" and a combo "Keyboard & Mouse" need to be added as a main controller type. 
Now I know that additional Genres have come up in the past to add to the main branch. Personally I like to see "First Person Shooter" become one, because too many other types of shooters get into it's way. 

It would be nice to also have people to create a playlist in the Game DB to share and associate playlist artwork too.
Example "Mario Collection" gets a Game DB Id.  People add / suggest Mario games to be added to the playlist, as well as artwork just like a real game.
If you have game ids that match the global "Mario Collection" list then you will see it in Lauchbox/ bigbox.


You can simply ignore me and tell me to shut up I'm fine with that too.




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