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"Multiple Versions" badge not showing up


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Does anyone know how to force the "multiple versions" badge to show up on a game? I have several games with multiple versions, such as the Zelda HD pack pictured below, but that badge doesnt show up on any of them.

I have the additional versions enabled via the "additional apps" tab, is that the wrong way to do it?

I do have the badge enabled in the menu, before anyone asks.

Thank you for the help!

Untitled 1.png

Untitled 2.png

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Adding 1 additional app version to a game won't trigger the badge, it requires 2. This is something we'd have to take a look at.

For now, you can try this as a workaround:

  • Make sure your HD pack has something in the "Version" field
  • Add a second application, pointing to the regular Zelda ROM file and also put something in the "Version" field
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