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  1. I've also seen Nahimic causing visual bugs like this in Big Box. You may want to check your system and see if you have Nahimic installed and the service running. If you do, google how you can remove it from your system.
  2. Something you can try. Navigate to: \\LaunchBox\Images\Playlists Depending on how you created your Favorites playlist you'll either see a folder called Favorites or Arcade Favorites Inside of there, you'll see a Clear Logo folder. Replace the image in there with the one you want to use. Try Big Box again, you may need to refresh your image cache.
  3. Hi @zombieromero. Just tested with the default theme and 3D Boxes are displaying as intended. Which theme are you using? Sometimes these can be a theme specific issue. You can also check to make sure that in Big Box your Game Image Type is set to 3D Boxes. This can be found in Options > Images > Game Image Type (changing this setting may require a clearing of the Image Cache and a potential Big Box restart)
  4. Hi Everyone, Beta 4 has now been released with the following: New Feature: LaunchBox's game-specific background image can now be disabled (Found in LaunchBox Options > Visuals > Backgrounds) New Feature: You can now use the Clean Up Media tool for a single platform (Community Poll feature) Improvement: LaunchBox should more accurately determine a ROM's region based on its filename Improvement: EmuMovies downloads are now downloaded last to allow them to continuously download and avoid session timeout errors Fixed: Rare errors while downloading Steam media Fixed: Importing arcade games with the ROM Import Wizard was not always obeying the "Force Use MAME Metadata" option (introduced in 11.9) Fixed: On some systems, starting Big Box into a platforms or filters view was not properly playing background videos on first load Fixed: Rare error when editing the RetroArch emulator in LaunchBox if no cores were missing Fixed: On rare occasions, changing the selected game too quickly in LaunchBox would cause the game details loading to hang Fixed: The prompt upon completion of media downloads was sometimes appearing more than once Fixed: Steam games rated 17+ were causing errors with the import As always, thanks for the help with testing the betas.
  5. This is entirely possible. You can take any theme (other than the defaults) and edit their xaml files. If you have a very specific example, I can try to help you out more.
  6. Hi @heitorcr, There's 2 ways I can think of doing this: You can use the filter button, located the alphanumeric index to filter by Installed > Is True. This will temporarily filter your games and only show you the installed ones. In LaunchBox, you can create an auto-populate playlist that will automatically include every game that has the Installed field set to Is True. You can call the playlist anything you'd like and place it anywhere within your Platform Category hiearchy.
  7. Hi @vince16, While I've never seen this issue before when using standalone dophin with LaunchBox, some google searching seemed to bring about a lot of info of different people getting the same error message. Since you seem to only be getting it from launching a game into dolphin from within LaunchBox (definitely confirm this, just in case), most may not be relevant, but worth a look: Make sure you are not running LaunchBox (or Big Box) as admin, this can cause a lot of issues, one of which is folder/file permissions issues. Some people seemed to indicate that it was their anti-virus program blocking their version of dolphin. Some people say it was their location of the Wii nand folder causing the error. Changing its location solved their issue. Could be related to a general folder/file permissions issue to where Dolphin places your user config files (usually in Documents inside of a folder called Dolphin Emulator). You could have file corruption issues within your Dolphin Emulator folder.
  8. This is all planned. While we may take time to get there, we will eventually make it.
  9. You shouldn't lose anything. You can simply place the images within their respective image type folders, then refresh the images in LaunchBox and they will show up. Since LaunchBox allows you to have multiple images per game, if you scrap again, it will probably try and add additional images on top of the ones you already have. I would use the Audit tool, or Games Missing Media area to help fill in the gaps. While it's all personal preference, I like to scrap using the LaunchBox DB, and then have Emumovies fill in the gaps.
  10. Hi @GiSWiG. The issue stems from the api that is provided by EmuMovies, there are certain situations where it cannot handle the amount of media thrown at it. While we continue to improve the implementation of their api, we unfortunately have reached a point where a change would have to come from their end to improve the situation. Luckily, they are in the process of creating a more robust api that will hopefully solve the slow down and disconnection errors caused by their api. While that doesn't help in the meantime, you can always use their own syncing program, like you mentioned. You do not need to rename the files as LaunchBox will read them natively, just make sure you place them in the correct LaunchBox folders.
  11. Hi @tazboi. While there's definitely a lot more people here more familiar with MAME, you could start by checking your mame.ini file and seeing if you have set up MAME to dispay on multiple monitors. Check a section called # OSD PER-WINDOW VIDEO OPTIONS It's also possible that MAME could be changing your monitors resolution, and potentially causing Windows to mirror both monitors.
  12. Hi @DeadVoivod, sorry to hear about your missing media. @sevenalive is right, normally media would not just disappear, so definitely make sure that there's nothing wrong with your disk. Another thing to check would be to make sure you don't have any extra files within your Data\Platforms folder. Sometimes when using external scrapers, extra files that conflict with LaunchBox may be added there without a user's knowledge. You should only have 1 file per platform.
  13. While I won't be solving this for the current version of Colorful, I've worked out a solution for the CTC version that's currently in beta. It will be able to differentiate between category and platform names. I'll try and release a new beta in the next day. I just have one more thing to work out.
  14. Looks great, thanks for sharing!
  15. Since it's not officially out yet, the COMMUNITY Theme Creator files aren't quite live. If you have any particular color codes that need to be added, let me know and I'll add them directly into the creator. Then when I get the next test version out, it will be in there.
  16. Hi @soqueroeu. Depending on the version of Colorful you are using, will change how you would go about adding color codes. The current version uses Themes\COLORFUL - Light\Views\Styles\COLORFUL_Styles.xaml You can add as many extra lines as you want, it does adhere to scrape as, you can also just add your own custom names. However, this version of the theme will be replaced with the COMMUNITY Theme Creator version. That one will have a user interface for the colors, with the added benefit of you being able to publish your own version of the theme to take advantage of any new plugin and coding improvements that new versions of the creator provides (without needing to know any code). the interface will look like this, and will allow you to add colors with exact titles or partial titles. I'll do a tutorial closer to the time of that version's release. In saying all of this, if you do have any colors that need to be added, let me know and I'll add them to the theme creator.
  17. Thanks for the heads up. A simple change in the COMMUNITY Theme Creator, should be forced to 16:9 for the next release.
  18. Hi @Albatross. This is only possible using the new FlowControl that was introduced in version 11.10. You can read up on it in the Documentation.pdf (located in LaunchBox\Themes folder), and see examples of it in the default theme, like you mentioned. The COMMUNITY Theme Creator doesn't yet support the new FlowControl, which is why you don't see the option in there. It's definitely planned, and I know @y2guru is hard at work trying to integrate the new FlowControl into it. For now, you'll have to manually add the code to any theme that you create.
  19. Beta 2 is out now with the following changes: Improvement: Added Complete, Favorite, and Installed fields to the new filter button Fixed: The filter button's "Save to Playlist" feature should now work with all sidebar drop-down filters Fixed: Added the new filter button to the "Old Default" theme
  20. Hi @HopelessArcader. Right-click Arcade (the one without the arrow) and choose Edit. Go into the Parents tab and make your changes in there. You have control on where you want to see your Arcade platform show up in your hierarchy. The Arcade with the arrow, is your Arcade Category, where you can add different arcade platforms/playlists to it.
  21. Changing colors will be fairly easy once it's out, as you will be able to do it in the COMMUNITY Theme Creator. In the meantime, if there's a color missing and if you know what it is, post it here and I'll add it.
  22. The 11.18 beta thread is now out and can be found here:
  23. Hi everyone. The 11.18 Beta 1 is now out with the following changes: New Feature: Filtering games in LaunchBox is now much more flexible; you can filter to pretty much anything on the fly with the new filter button in the left-hand sidebar, next to the search box New Feature: Anything you filter on the fly with the above new feature can be easily saved to a dynamic playlist Improvement: Performance while selecting games in LaunchBox is now faster due to improvements in populating the game details sidebar Fixed: Login screen would immediately close when checking "Force New Login" in the XBOX import wizard if you had previously logged in Fixed: The ROM import wizard wasn't always importing all games when using MAME metadata (the full-set importer was unaffected) Fixed: The keyboard focus border wasn't being drawn correctly in LaunchBox's Grid View with the default theme (recently introduced) Fixed: Big Box CoverFlow views can once again use "Box" as image type in addition to "Boxes" (recently introduced theme compatibility issue that was affecting some older themes) Thanks for the help with beta testing LaunchBox.
  24. Thanks @Nizer. The way this theme is built doesn't really lend itself well to a wall-type view. But never say never.
  25. Hi @Retrofrogg. I haven't been able to duplicate this on my end. Does this happen every time you are scrolling through LaunchBox, or is it more random? Also: Do you have videos set to auto-play? Are your options set to use VLC or WMP?
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