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Running Win uAE in Launchbox.

Not suitable for Mum.

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Hi guys, not new to retro gaming but new to Launchbox.  


Running Win UAE by itself is fine and almost all the games I have work fine.  However it seems that when running through Launchbox that it it ignores running the KS roms and so i just get the insert workbench screen and nothing else happens.  I am wondering i I have to add the Ks roms to a sperate folder in LB itself, but no idea where that would be.

I have tried using FS UAE but that seemed very fiddly and temperamental at best . I knew I can use WinUAE on is; own but I like having a front end where all my games are catalogued.  

I'm afraid I don't understand a lot of the terms used here so need someone to break it down for me. Thankyou. 


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I'm a very long time WinUAE user, but I switched to FS-UAE for LaunchBox. It works great once set up. WHDLoad works like charm, and for .adf files you just use configuration files to add to LaunchBox. I made 2 different entries in LaunchBox, one for Amiga WHD and one for Amiga ADF, so it's easier to keep apart.  

It's a bit work to get it running with all the games, but it's worth it. 

There's a great guide on the forums, you might wanna check that one out. 

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