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linking two PC's with Big Box four player


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Just wondering what my options are for having two instances running on two separate cabinets and linking them to play four player games together rather than building a four player cabinet and all that entails.. I was told this is desirable but I'm not sure how it's done.

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I’m currently building two cabinets to do exactly this.   

Originally I was going to setup a hardware KVM solution to mirror the displays and link the controls.   While possible, it gets pretty complicated with control mapping.   

Plan now is to use RetroArch Netplay.   It’s not supported on every core, but should work with most of the stuff I want to do.  

Another option is PARSEC, but it shares similar problems as the hardware KVM solution.   (Remapping controls)

What are you going to use for control inputs?   I’m using Ultimarc IPac Ultimate boards in each cabinet.   

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Update to this.   I got my second cabinet running today. 

Using RetroArch I was able to play a 2 player Netplay game going between the cabinets using NES fceumm_libretro.dll Core.   Took a little windows firewall work, but I was able to start the game 'hosting' on Cab "A" then join the game on Cab "B" (manual join).   Works great.

Then using the RetroArch fbneo_libretro.dll core, I was able to do the same with MAME games.   I had to enable advanced user interface features in RetroArch to tell each instance of retroarch which "player IDs" to request when joining.  So I have Cab A request 1 and 3, then Cab B request 2 and 4.  I got a 4 player game of Golden Axe 3 going. 

On my LAN, there is no lag.  Runs great - at least in my limited testing.    There are some quirks, but its totally playable.  

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Sorry, my build got a little sidetracked making artwork for it. I decided to just keep it simple 4 player for now. I'm working on the CP layout which is taking me longer than I expected. I bought an Ipac-4 for controls. I hope it will work ok. I really just want to finish this cabinet already so I can get to work on a one player upright with track ball and spinner.

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