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Platform & Platform Category Images Set (cleaned and adjusted)

The Papaw

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Platform & Platform Category Images Set (cleaned and adjusted)

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Couple hundred .png images in this set. I believe it includes all the Platforms & Platform Categories (see list below). I think most of them are from @viking's collection, but there are others I had found or created as well. Like Nintendo GameCube has both the purple one and a black one.

The screenshot shows this collection on the top and originals on the bottom.

I done some re-sizing (most are between the 400-600 pixel range), some cleanup and some color adjustments on them trying to make them look more realistic and vivid in color. Brighter whites, darker blacks, etc.. Not a huge difference, but a little better.

All excess transparency has been cropped off making the image size more accurate to what you see when using them. All the work was done in Photoshop (2022)

These can be used in your regular rig as well, but you will have to copy them to the appropriate folder one at a time. (I made these more to drop into a theme you might be working on without all the individual platform folders)

I had done these for the themes I work on and just thought I would share 'em.


What's In The Set:
3DO Interactive Multiplayer.png
1292 Advanced Programmable Video System.png
Aamber Pegasus.png
Acorn Archimedes.png
Acorn Atom.png
Acorn Electron.png
Amstrad CPC.png
Amstrad GX4000.png
Amstrad PCW.png
APF Imagination Machine.png
Apogee BK-01.png
Apple Bandai Pippin.png
Apple I.png
Apple II.png
Apple IIGS.png
Apple III.png
Apple Lisa.png
Atari 800.png
Atari 2600.png
Atari 5200.png
Atari 7800.png
Atari Falcon.png
Atari Jaguar CD.png
Atari Jaguar.png
Atari Lynx.png
Atari Pong.png
Atari ST.png
Atari XEGS.png
Bally Astrocade.png
Bandai Playdia.png
Bandai WonderSwan Color.png
Bandai WonderSwan.png
BBC Bridge Companion.png
BBC Micro.png
Bit Corporation Gamate.png
BrezzaSoft Crystal System.png
Camputers Lynx.png
Capcom Power System Changer.png
Casio Loopy.png
Casio PV-1000.png
Coleco ADAM.png
Coleco Telstar.png
Commodore 64 Games System.png
Commodore 64.png
Commodore 128.png
Commodore Amiga CD32.png
Commodore Amiga.png
Commodore CDTV.png
Commodore MAX Machine.png
Commodore PET.png
Commodore Plus 4.png
Commodore VIC-20.png
Creatronic Mega Duck.png
Dragon 32.png
EACA EG2000 Colour Genie.png
Elektronika BK.png
Emerson Arcadia 2001.png
Entex Adventure Vision.png
Entex Select-A-Game.png
Epoch Cassette Vision.png
Epoch Electrotennis.png
Epoch Game Pocket Computer.png
Epoch Super Cassette Vision.png
Exelvision EXL 100.png
Exidy Sorcerer.png
Fairchild Channel F.png
Fujitsu FM Towns Marty.png
Fujitsu FM-7.png
Funtech Super A'can.png
Future Pinball.png
GamePark GP2X.png
GamePark GP32.png
GCE Vectrex.png
Hartung Game Master.png
Interton VC 4000.png
iQue Player.png
Jupiter Ace.png
Konami Picno.png
Lviv PC-01.png
Magnavox Odyssey 2.png
Magnavox Odyssey.png
Matra and Hachette Alice.png
Mattel Aquarius.png
Mattel HyperScan.png
Mattel Intellivision.png
Memotech MTX512.png
Microsoft MSX.png
Microsoft Xbox 360.png
Microsoft Xbox One.png
Microsoft Xbox Series S.png
Microsoft Xbox Series X.png
Microsoft Xbox.png
Milton Bradley MicroVision.png
NEC PC-8801.png
NEC PC-9801.png
NEC SuperGrafx.png
NEC TurboExpress.png
NEC TurboGrafx-16.png
NEC TurboGrafx-CD.png
Nintendo 3DS.png
Nintendo 64.png
Nintendo 64DD.png
Nintendo Color TV-Game.png
Nintendo DS.png
Nintendo Entertainment System.png
Nintendo Famicom Disk System.png
Nintendo Game & Watch.png
Nintendo Game Boy Advance.png
Nintendo Game Boy Color.png
Nintendo Game Boy.png
Nintendo GameCube.png
Nintendo GameCube-purple.png
Nintendo Pokémon Mini.png
Nintendo Satellaview.png
Nintendo Sufami Turbo.png
Nintendo Switch.png
Nintendo Switch-orig.png
Nintendo Virtual Boy.png
Nintendo Wii U.png
Nintendo Wii.png
Nokia N-Gage.png
Northstar Advantage.png
Oric Atmos.png
Othello Multivision.png
Philips CD-i.png
Philips VG 5000.png
Philips Videopac+ G7400.png
Pioneer LaserActive.png
RCA Studio II.png
RDI Halcyon.png
SAM Coupé.png
Sega 32X.png
Sega Beena.png
Sega CD 32X.png
Sega CD.png
Sega Dreamcast VMU.png
Sega Dreamcast.png
Sega Game Gear.png
Sega Genesis.png
Sega Master System.png
Sega Nomad.png
Sega Pico.png
Sega Saturn.png
Sega SC-3000.png
Sega SG-1000.png
Sharp MZ-2500.png
Sharp X1.png
Sharp X1-orig.png
Sharp X68000.png
Sharp X68000-orig.png
Sinclair ZX Spectrum.png
Sinclair ZX-81.png
SNK Neo Geo AES.png
SNK Neo Geo CD.png
SNK Neo Geo MVS.png
SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color.png
SNK Neo Geo Pocket.png
Sony PlayStation 2.png
Sony PlayStation 3.png
Sony PlayStation 4.png
Sony PlayStation 5.png
Sony PlayStation Portable.png
Sony PlayStation Vita.png
Sony PlayStation.png
Sony PocketStation.png
Sord M5.png
Super Nintendo Entertainment System.png
Tandy Memorex Visual Information System.png
Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer.png
Tandy TRS-80.png
Tapwave Zodiac.png
Telegames Personal Arcade.png
Texas Instruments TI-83.png
Texas Instruments TI-99.png
Tiger Game.com.png
Tiger R-Zone.png
Tiger Telematics Gizmondo.png
TimeTop GameKing.png
Tomy Tutor.png
Unisonic Champion 2711.png
View-Master Interactive Vision.png
VM Labs Nuon.png
VTech CreatiVision.png
VTech Socrates.png
VTech V.Flash.png
VTech V.Smile.png
Watara Supervision.png
Worlds of Wonder Action Max.png
ZAPiT GameWave Family Entertainment System.png


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