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Dreamcast Controller Issue


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Woohoo!  My first post here.

Have started playing with Launchbox recently, and have also purchased Big Box.  I can't run Big Box just yet as Launchbox is still busy scraping a billion items.

Everything is working great, and I'm really impressed.

I have come across one issue; When playing dreamcast games the controller configuration defaults back to 'retropad' every time, which doesn't work inside the emulator (using xbox controller).  As soon as I set it to 'controller', it works great.  The issue is that when I exit a game and load a different game Retroarch defaults back to 'retropad' as the controller, instead of 'controller'.  This means I have to set the controller every time I launch a Dreamcast game.

Is this a known issue, or am I missing something?



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Welcome to the forums but first off this is an emulator issue and not a Launchbox issue since Launchbox doesn't have anything to do with the controllers once in the emulator.

What you want to do is load up Retroarch and setup your controller and save out a config file. This should now default to that controller whenever you start Retroarch. If your controller is wireless you will want to make sure that it is on before you start  Retroarch.

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I am having issues with Dreamcast not loading for all 4 players.  Retroarch detects the 4 controlers.  launching the game all 4 controlers claims to load, but i cannot use player 4 what so ever.

all 4 controlers work, if i assigne player 1 to any of the 4 controlers, that controler controls player 1, but nothing controls player 4.

Dreamcast is set up to "Up to 4 controlers"


(i RELAY want to play gauntlet Legends 4 players)

Any Suggestions? 


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