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Android 11 Support / File Permissions


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I very recently received a new phone and went through the whole updating process for Andriod and reinstalled most of my apps from the play store.  In doing so, I am having challenges with LaunchBox's ability to launch games in supported emulators often receiving an error relating to permissions.  Based on my googling, it seems like it might be related to permissible system setting and the file path being passed along vs. URI linking methodologies, but I am not an expert here.  For context I have a Samsung S21 Ultra and can not get games to launch in NES.emu, Dolphin or Redream (nor Citra or Mupen64Plus FZ although I understand those are not supported).  Are there any specific settings to check and/or toggles to make these work?


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I have this problem across the board with any of the .emu emulators to be specific. There are actually very few emulators that I could actually launch any of the games through the frontend. But if it is Launchboxes issue, I am not sure. Because Dig has this problem also with any of the .emu emulators. Either way I can only get the images scraped for box art and game names.

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We are working on a fix for this. Ultimately, this whole issue is Google's fault, because they have screwed the pooch over and over again with their poorly designed Android permissions changes. Regardless, we are working on trying to navigate the terrible documentation surrounding these changes. We will get it fixed (as well as it can be fixed) soon enough.

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