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How to: All Video "Attract Mode"?


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I am in the process of migrating over from using RetroPie pre-builds others have made to LaunchBox and making some decent progress getting the new setup how I want it. One thing I'm struggling with is "Attract Mode". On my previous RetroPie build when it went in to attract, it simply began playing ~30sec video clips from all of my games, one after the other. No "scrolling" through the wheels -- just the video.

At BEST, I'd like to know how I could do the video approach in LaunchBox. ALTERNATELY, I don't necessarily mind the scrolling wheels -- but how do I get the video playing inside at least SOME of the game screen that's displayed to the right (or above) the wheel? I've tried toying with different themes, but perhaps I'm just hitting the wrong ones.

Thank you in advance!

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Videos both in a theme and in Attract Mode will be dependent on 2 things.

1. That you actually have videos downloaded for all the games and for platform level.

2. The theme you are using is designed to show videos. Additionally, some themes will have a view for videos and a view designed not to show videos so you would need to make sure you are using one that does.

If you are seeing videos for some games and no videos for others than #1 is your issue.

BigBox is going to scroll through the wheel during Attract Mode. That is the way it is designed and there is not an option to change that.

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