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PDF manuals not opening?


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Hi there

I have a lot of pdf manuals that LB downloaded for me. And I have some rtf manuals I made by myself, for Future Pinball games without a manual.

When I (in Launchbox 12.7-6 listview) rightclick a game with a manual > choose Media > View Manual

The pdf's never open

The rft's always open

How come? Is it at my end or is this normal?

My pdf viewer is Adobe Acrobat Viewer

My rtf viewer is Microsoft Wordpad


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No, if your license is expiring you do not loose the current features you have, you just cannot update LB/BB to a more current version when it expires.

LB should open any pdf file without issue. Do you get any error or it just does not open? Safe to assume you can open the pdf directly outside of LB?

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Hi Retro808

I don’t know what you mean by update and licenses? I am lifelong member at Launchbox and Emumovies. 🙂

Maybe that was for another person? Or was it because of me mentioning the “end”?

Well, never mind.

When I try to open pdf manuals inside LB (rightclick game > Media > View Manual) nothing happens, no messages or errors. When I try to open rtf manuals inside LB it opens just fine in wordpad.

When I try to open pdf manuals outside LB, via file explorer, it opens just fine in adobe acrobat viewer.


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