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Transitions on Big Box lagging


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I love LB and BB, have been using LB for a while now and decided to buy a license for Big Box. 


I've gone thru a lot of the tips to make Big Box perform better, but I can't get it to have the transitions smooth. 

I've tested it on a SSD and HDD and it didn't make a difference. 

my config is:

Ryzen 5600X
32gb DDR4 3200
1060 6gb

it honestly feels like it's in software mode rather than actually using my graphics card to render. It's not close to what is shown on themes videos from youtube. 


any help would be appreciated.


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Most video cards now have helper apps that can force applications to render on a certain card. Make sure that isn't incorrectly pointing Big Box. Also in Big Box options is a screen refresh option, crank that up as high as you can and see if that helps you out.

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I was just toying around with it a bit more and watched a video on how to install custom themes. It says it's a good idea to always refresh all images when applying new themes. I didn't know about it and did it. It took a few minutes but once it did and I restarted big box, all my issues were gone!

It's now smooth as butter and all the views are working (they weren't before and I was about to create another help topic)

I've also made further changes on my NVIDIA control panel:

Threaded Optimization: On
Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames: 4


not sure if it changed anything but it's now working really great!


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