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Edit Wall View created in Community Theme Creator

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After creating a theme in the CTC, I would like to edit the wall view to show highlighted boxes with a thin outline instead of how they "pop out" by default. Would anyone have the XAML code I would need to edit and/or add to make this happen if it's possible? I've looked thru other themes such as POC that do this, but not sure where to begin.

Thanks for any information...


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The best way is to copy and paste the FlowControl from another theme, like The POC, and then play around with it.

You'd be looking for everything inside of coverFlow:FlowControl

Replace over your coverFlow:FlowControl in your wall view. Then play around with the properties and the items inside of the FlowContext.

The Documentation.pdf also has descriptions of the properties inside of the new FlowControl. This is found in your LaunchBox\Themes folder.

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