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Desired monitor in multi-screen setup only works properly if it was set as the "main" monitor BEFORE the previous system reboot


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Really an odd one here but it's driving me nuts: I have a multi-screen setup that includes my (usually set as main) 1440p monitor and my TV, which is what I want my game to display on. I can switch my display settings to having the TV as my only monitor and it still will not start my game properly (i.e. black screen until I hit ctrl alt delete, alt tab doesn't even work). Once I come back from the ctrl + alt + del screen, everything is back to normal. I have to do this literally every time I try to use my TV as my display, however I have discovered recently that my TV will display everything correctly the first time provided it was set as the "Main" monitor in Display Settings before my last reboot. 

It does not behave the same the other way around however; my 1440p monitor still behaves correctly if I want it to be my game's display even if my TV was the main display prior to the last reboot. I'm assuming there's some sort of scaling issue here but I cannot figure out how to resolve it; I've tried having Run as Admin on/off, "disable fullscreen optimization" on/off, DPI settings adjusted in the Compatibility settings, etc. It behaves the same way regardless of if I'm trying to launch through Big Box or Launchbox as well. What does the "needs to be Main display before last reboot" thing suggest/what settings would that even involve?

Not sure if it's relevant or not but I guess I should mention my monitor is hooked up via Displayport on my GPU while the TV uses an HDMI port. 

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My setup is the same (monitor connected to the DVI port and tv on HDMI).  I don't recall seeing the exact same issue as you, but switching Main (Primary) Displays was an issue.  Well, not really an "issue".  More, 'there's got to be an easier, less convoluted way to do this'.

18 hours ago, lolDayus said:

What does the "needs to be Main display before last reboot" thing suggest/what settings would that even involve?

You shouldn't have to reboot for the changes to take affect.  But I did find with mine, I need to have the AV Receiver (where the HDMI goes to) and the TV both physically on before 'making the switch'.  Even though the PC "sees" the TV even when it's not turned on.


This was written a little over 3 years ago, and it's what I use to this day.  The batch file I use is a bit different, but the underlying method is the same. 


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yeah I mean I use DisplayFusion with triggers to activate complete monitor configs (including it changing the "Make this my main display" checkbox obviously) and it's been amazing for my setup other than the fact that it can't seem to get around this caveat (I've tried cutting DF out of the equation completely but still get the same behavior regarding my TV being "weird" about being switched to). I've noticed that when the TV goes into this "weird" state, Alt + Tab causes the screen to briefly get some sort of horizontal lines moving down like it's got some sort of refresh rate issue but the main thing is that it doesn't do anything else, the same applies to the Windows key or even Alt + F4...literally nothing can get rid of the total black screen state other than Ctrl + Alt + Del and then just canceling back from that screen. All of these "change focus" methods work whenever it's not in the "weird" state I should mention.

I know the whole thing being based off the state prior to the last reboot sounds absurd but I actually got the idea to test that specifically from a couple of threads on here with kinda similar issues, so it's not like it's unheard of. After a bit of research, the closest I can come to for addressing this "prior to reboot" thing is editing the Global Policy and going into the "Shutdown" folder like described in this post: https://www.displayfusion.com/Discussions/View/trigger-on-computer-shutdown/?ID=9f07647d-6ed3-4ca3-a586-d1b6d04ac790#6

But I'm not sure what to do from there (I tried DF command thing it suggests but that didn't work). So I think if anything is gonna be able to address this exact scenario it's gonna involve this setting, however I'm just not programming-inclined enough to figure out what script and parameters need to go in here. 

I'm gonna try to be more mindful about specifically having the TV powered on before I try to do any sort of monitor config switching like you suggested though so we'll see how that goes

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1 hour ago, lolDayus said:

I use DisplayFusion

Supposedly that's supposed to be really good.  I just have a hard time paying for an app when there're free alternatives. ;)  But a different app I doubt will fix this issue.

1 hour ago, lolDayus said:

having the TV powered on before I try to do any sort of monitor config switching

Hopefully that's the simple 'fix'.  In surfing around about it this morning, there were a couple of "update video drivers" (and a forehead slap to follow). lol  Sometimes it's the simple things. 

Though options are a little bit limited, I wonder if using {Win}+{P} works any better, worse or the same.  If things are the same, I'm thinking back to updating video drivers or maybe even a setting on the TV for that input.  Or even a setting for the video card for that HDMI output.  (I'm running out of straws to grasp here...)


1 hour ago, lolDayus said:

editing the Global Policy and going into the "Shutdown" folder

If you find yourself needing to go that route... well, you shouldn't have to go that route.  

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yeah I feel you on the pricing but if you get it on sale that definitely helps...not trying to shill for them or anything but with the triggered automation being integrated with all the other features that DF has, and everything actually working the way you'd expect/want it to (it does Windows better than Windows a lot of the time), it's definitely become one of the most "influential" apps on my PC since I use 3 displays, and I haven't regretted paying the fee for a second. And obviously it complements Launch/Big Box very well. I actually got it through Steam so you can find it on sale through there or the standalone program is usually on sale on like Cyber Monday iirc.

anywaysss lol I've tried Win + P as well as Win + Tab and any other keyboard combos I can think of and still, the only thing that "overrides" that black screen having focus or whatever is Ctrl + Alt + Del. Thankfully that works every time at least but it's just a pain and kinda defeats the point of having even having a launcher to try to make my PC like a console w/ TV when I have to turn around and use my KB/M every time I want to open a new game. But yeah, I don't usually like getting GPO involved at all but that was the only thing related to the PC's "memory" of the shutdown configuration. It would be nice to figure out why just for curiosity's sake but it's taken up way too much time as it is lol, it's not like I even restart/shutdown my comp that often (sleep/standby doesn't affect the "weird" display state) so yeah I'm just gonna leave it alone for now lol

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