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BigBox & Dolphin Bluetooth Passthrough (Wii Remote, official Wii bluetooth chip) - losing pairing after exit?


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I'm at the start of the troubleshooting process for this, but I have come to what I think is the following set of facts.  I am running the latest version of Dolphin, using Bluetooth Passthrough for the Wiimotes using an original Wii bluetooth chip connected via USB following the instructions from the Dolphin website. I also have an X-input 8Bitdo controller I use to navigate BigBox (as the Wii remotes don't connect until the game has started).

The issue I have is as follows:

1) In Dolphin - Once wiiremotes are paired, I can run a number of Wii games, exit them pressing escape, and then opening another game the Wiiremote will quickly reconnect.

2) In Launch Box - I appear to be able to do the same thing, pressing escape to quit a game, I can open the same or another game and reconnect the Wii remote.

3) In BigBox - problems begin.  If I exit out the game using the pause menu (and I think escape, but will have to check more), something must occur because eventually if I open another or the same Wii game, the wiiremotes stop connecting.  I have to repair them again, and sometimes that doesn't work and I have to erase the pairing, or unplug and replug the USB bluetooth dongle back in.

I didn't see this type of issue posted before, but thought I would check if anyone using this particular setup has run into this issue.

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