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  1. I don't disagree. I'm comfortable with command line, but one wrong letter or word could cause trouble! Thanks again - I should've put this in the "noob" section rather than tech support.
  2. Thanks, Dos76. I had given up and realized you can easily bulk change / rename extensions simply using Windows power shell (which I tested). Nkit is new to me, but I figured I could just rename them back if necessary in the future.
  3. I was attempting to compress a portion of my existing Wii and GC collection using Nkit, which results in files with the extention .nkit.gcz On import, Launchbox keeps the .nkit in the name so while it gets game images no other metadata is scrapped and the .nkit is left in the game title. Short of renaming the hundreds of files (and I'm concerned that may impact the reconversion if necessary in the future), is there a way to specify that the .nkit in the name gets ignored during the impart?
  4. Thank you! Yes, after I posted this I found that command in another theme (literally moments ago). It isn't in the documentation, so I wasn't aware of it. Perfect!
  5. Hi everyone, I've started fiddling around with existing themes and tweaking minor things to fit what I'm looking for. One question that I have is whether there is a way to properly call the "ActivePlatform.ClearLogoImagePath" while in games view for an easy way to insert the platform clear logos into a games view? Looking at some examples (and testing myself), it appears the activeplatform binding path only works while in a platform select view. For themes I have seen that insert platform clear logos into games view, they are using calls to obtain the platform name (e.g. platform.name), pointing to the theme clear logo directory, and then using the name to input the matching image file into the theme. The issue I see using this method is it won't allow you to use the default clear logo images, since they are all in separate paths to match the platform. Yes, you could just copy them all into one folder for that theme. But I wanted to confirm whether there was a way to maintain the activeplatform calls in games view?
  6. Yes I have just changed that and it now works for the themes with fanart. However, my main goal was to us the Unified startup and pause themes with the Unified theme in Big Box. These use the same Jpgs that are in the unified folder for the Big Bog Theme. However, for some reason fanart is what is shown. This is even the case where the XML code specifically tells the startup and pause theme to use the Unified Jpeg, so for some reason the launch box background priorities are even overriding directed paths in the startup and pause theme. Even if I actually specify a background file it is still overridden. I should add that I have only just changed the startup and pause theme to one that has a unique background so cannot say when/if this issue arose from the current version of LB/BB. I'll also add that if I renamed the background fanart folder for a given platform background of the theme works correctly. I thought of this as some random games worked and I realized they had no fanart background file.
  7. Hi, I've tried using the Unified startup and pause menu themes, and then tested a few others to make sure. For some reason, and possibly a local setting on my end, no matter what theme I try to use it always is using the game boxart as the background for the pause or startup theme in Big Box and not the background it should be. This includes themes that should be using fanart (or my main goal, the Unified platform theme). Is this possibly due to a Launch Box Setting? EDIT: Okay - so I have now determined that it appears these startup/pause themes are using whatever the background priority is set to in Launch Box. This is odd behaviour since the Unified them actually sets what its background picture is supposed to be. Thanks.
  8. Deam

    Change preview video?

    I just want to add I had the same issue, and the solution noted of changing the priorities in LB worked as well. I'll admit this was confusing, as I didn't realize the priority change occurred LB and was frustrated that the checkbox in BB appeared to have no meaningful effect. Perhaps this will be changed in the future so these features are only in one location.
  9. A recurring issue I have been having relates to when I enter the pause menu in a game while in Big Box. This occurs in both the Unified and Colorful theme, using the default pause menu, and occurs in all platforms/emulators (via Retroarch). I'm on a Win10x64, Core I3-3770, GTX 1050. Issue: When I enter the pause menu when the game's music is playing, the pause menu opens but the game's music, rather than stopping, stutters in a repeated short loop as if its glitched. It resumes normally when I exit the pause menu.
  10. This may be a general theme question but I have setup COLORFUL dark and am really enjoying it. Question: Is there a way to stop the background video (for either a platform, or a game once you have selected the platform) from playing once you "deselect" it? To give an example. Say you are in SNES platform, you stop on a game, Super Mario World. It's Video Snap starts playing. If you start scrolling to another game (let's say for a while), the Super Mario World snap video music continues to play until you "stop" at another game. Is there a setting that will stop the snap's music (and video I guess), from playing in the background once you move off that selection? Effectively, so there is no sound playing as you scroll through the game's list until you stop at another game. Thank you for your extraordinary work.
  11. Thanks for this! I opened the After Effects file and was able to swap out the EMU movie for the other one. The one issue I have is that that the SNES startup sound doesn't play. Even when I open the AES file that was downloaded and preview it (or after it is rendered). When you open your AES file and preview it do you get that sound? Obviously it worked when you rendered it. When I render it doesn't play either. EDIT: Oddly, if I delete and re-add the SNES boot video it plays audio.
  12. This may be a bit OCD, but is there a way I can go about swapping the videos from the SNES (EU) gameplay in the platform video to SNES (USA) version? I prefer the Super Mario World, Super Metroid, etc. that is the EU video, vs. the Killer Instinct. I'm happy to do this on my own.
  13. Not to derail the thread - I tried that a while ago, main issue was Windows SDR (unless that has been fixed), but also the internal audio filters had issues with high bitrate Atmos filed being fed via passthrough to the receiver. There was no known fix, and with the DSPlayer I was able to use external LAV filters that worked. On this issue of the delay - I see this is discussed in the other thread and a cause has been identified.
  14. I just wanted to report I'm having the same issue. I don't know when it started. I'm using Kodi 17.7 DSPlayer (to get HDR to work). I can click on the app, and still then navigate Kodi then BigBox comes on sometimes already partway through the startup video.
  15. As a final post for the benefit of others, I did not know if AHK could "send" joystick buttons in the script. So, in Retroarch I set up two "enable hotkeys", one being the select button on the joystick, the other being "q" which appeared to be unused. You can set multiple binds for that function. I then added the q button as a send key down (first) and up (last) in the pause menu scripts for the various functions that required button presses (reset, save, load), and it worked! I could also use the select key on the gamepad to rewind (with select+L), as well as save state (select + R), and the pause menu functions worked. Just be careful...I inadvertently in the load script had send q down twice, instead of down and then up, and that caused the joypad not to work when I loaded a save state as I assume Retroarch disabled all the buttons assuming the hotkey was still pressed. I use Retroarch's auto save states so that it increments the slot on its own. Hopefully this is helpful to others.
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