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Is there a way to use Steam's Retroarch in Launchbox without losing any of Steam's functionality?


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Is there a way to use Steam's Retroarch in Launchbox without losing any of Steam's functionality?


Steam's Retroarch executable works from Launchbox, but when viewing the Steam library, the game appears ready to play, thus not taking advantage of Steam's benefits.


I know you can switch to the Steam version executable manually, but doing so makes Retroarch work normally without any issues, but without the Steam features. And by using it like this, nothing is saved in the cloud, nor can you use Remote Play or other features that it does have running from Steam.



It can also be used as if it were another Steam game, there it does open it with all the functionalities, but that is the same as using it directly from Steam, and not as one expects to use it in each game included in Launchbox.



It would be great if Steam Retroarch could be used in every Launchbox game with full Steam functionality. It would greatly improve having all the saved games in the cloud or being able to invite any friend to play using Remote Play, to give 2 examples. If it can't be done, hopefully they'll integrate it into Launchbox soon. It would be great if Retroarch gave you the option to choose between installing Retroarch as it does today, and the option to directly install the Steam version.


PS: Sorry for my bad English and thanks Google :D

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When running Retroarch as a Windows/Steam app, Launchbox launches it with all the extra features of the Steam version of Retroarch.


If this could be done for every game that Retroarch emulates, it would be a great feature for Launchbox!

Please, if anyone knows how to do it, I would greatly appreciate it!

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I'm not near my gaming computer at the moment but have you tried replacing the executable line (E:\Steam\steamapps\common\RetroArch\retroarch.exe) with the steam://rungameid/1118310 line? That could possibly work out to get games running with all of the Steam functionality intact.

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