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  1. ExoDOS Import

    @eXo Don't know if it's already been fixed in the 3.1 versions, but Stormovik: SU-25 Attack Fighter and SU-25 Stormovik appear to just be duplicates of the same game (to give you an idea of how far I am in adding the collection to the database)
  2. Nintendo eShop / Virtual Console...

    I wouldn't bother with Virtual Console for anything that's just a rom being sold. If it's a remaster or 3D version that changes the original in any way, I think it deserves it's own entry. We had this issue when figuring out what to do with the Wii, and we removed any Virtual Console entries from that platform. A notable exception would be Donkey Kong: Original Edition, since that's a version of the original NES game modified to have all 4 levels. Or the Pokemon re-releases, since they have new functionality added.
  3. ExoDOS Import

    also @eXo on an unrelated note, it looks like "Solid State Pinball: Tristan" and "Tristan Pinball" are duplicates of the same game.
  4. ExoDOS Import

    @eXo, I have a question for you. In the RPG 2.0 Collection (I haven't checked the 3.1 version so I can't be sure) the game(s) "Solar Winds: Galaxy & The Escape" are listed as one game for the purposes of the collection. However, they're two parts of a game (Solar Winds: Galaxy and Solar Winds: The Escape) that were released nearly a year apart (with different boxes and everything), and don't have a compilation release as far as I can tell. For the gamesdb, I try to be as accurate as possible, so I'd prefer that they be listed as two separate games, however that would mean that whenever someone tries to import the games from Launchbox, it's going to be erroneously matched to either one or the other. I had a similar issue with Mechwarrior 2, but thankfully a compilation was released so I just pretended that that's what the eXoDOS collection included. I suppose I could just include both versions of the covers and duct-tape the two entries together, but it just seems sloppy. Thoughts?
  5. ExoDOS Import

    For what it's worth, whenever I audit a game for the gamesdb, I make sure to add all interesting variants of the covers. If there's a US box I'll add it, but I'll also add any interesting European boxes or what have you. If there are multiple variants of a region's box, I add them all. I like variety. Regarding the German boxes, we seem to have a surprisingly high number of contributors from that area, so that might explain it. But I agree about the quality control. We do what we can, but we're still a relatively small community, and the database is still very much a work in progress. Hopefully @Jason Carr can implement some of the suggestions you and others have made regarding the database. I'm currently working my way through the middle of the "S" 's and will be doing the Win3xO collection when I'm done (and adding the games from the 3.1 release when all the volumes are out)
  6. LaunchBox.Next Now Available

    Looking sharp! I love it!
  7. Strange issue with the entry for Predator 2 for DOS

    That's bizarre, I haven't seen a submitted game get split in two before.
  8. So I had submitted this entry a while back, and went to download the images for it from the database. It only lists the clear logo, disc image, and screenshot of gameplay as available to download. Weirdly, those images aren't showing up on the database website itself (!?!?!), and instead it just shows the box front, box back and game title, which again, didn't show up as available in Launchbox itself. So half the images only show on the site, and half only in Launchbox. This is so weird. @Jason Carr, can you help?
  9. A Problem On The Database

    My hero!
  10. A Problem On The Database

    I just got the same message. It's probably a certain entry that's causing it, and once you get to that point in the queue you'll get the error, which might explain why I didn't get it until now. Hopefully @Jason Carr can figure it out soon
  11. Moderating has stopped

    At this point I'm rejecting the windows games with the single 3d box, even if they're technically correct, because I think they're too low effort. A new game should have more than a (sometimes) spelled correctly title and a dubious quality 3D box to be added. And yeah, moderation's still not going as fast as I'd like, unfortunately.
  12. Moderating has stopped

    It looks like someone recently submitted a massive amount of games using the database plugin for Launchbox, I think that's why it's been taking so long to sort through. Specifically a bunch of Windows games with 3D boxes.
  13. Double Dragon 1987 problem

    I think that in very special cases like this one or other cases where there are identically named games, exceptions can be made in the database for scraping purposes. It's technically against the guidelines, but I'd rather bend a rule or two to help people enjoy their games than mindlessly stick to the rules. BTW I was one of the moderators that approved the Double Dragon (Neo-Geo) name change.
  14. An idea to encourage moderating

    It's much faster now, thanks as always @Jason Carr !
  15. Moderator Guidelines and Contributor Rules

    My bad, I misread what you were saying. It's late and I'm dense.