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  1. I'm having a weird issue with the Epic Games Importer - for some reason Star Wars: Squadrons won't show up as available for import. It's in my Epic Games Library, but is launched through Origin (which it also doesn't show up under when I try that importer.) For now I've manually added the .exe, but I don't want someone else to have that issue as well. I thought the Epic Importer fixes would solve it, but it's still an issue with the full 11.8 release.
  2. This is a great looking theme, thanks for making it!
  3. I've had this happen off and on for a while now, i switched to WMP for playback to fix it.
  4. Just discovered GameBase, I'd really like the option to import from that as well.
  5. Got it. I'll connect my games to a file path instead of launching directly through GOG. Good to know, thanks again for the help.
  6. Whenever I install a game through GOG galaxy, it doesn't show as installed in Launchbox even though I've imported all the games from my GOG account into Launchbox. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling GOG Galaxy, and deleting any GOG related file on my PC I can find (although maybe I missed one?). I'm at my wits end trying to make this work. Help? (yes this is similar to an issue I had awhile ago with the Epic Games Launcher, however that was fixed whereas this is still an issue)
  7. Subnautica & John Wick Hex through the Epic Games Launcher are staying not-installed, and World in Conflict on Steam is insisting it's installed when it's not. Edit: I'm going to try re-installing them, I wonder if it has to do with them having been installed prior to LaunchBox supporting this, and I had them manually added before. Edit 2: No, that didn't work.
  8. Don't know if this is happening to anyone else, but there are a couple of games where when I mark them as installed, they keep reverting to not installed (and weirdly one where the reverse happens?) Also, Epic Games Launcher doesn't save credentials, so I have to re-login and go through 2 factor authentication every time I import a new game from that platform.
  9. i'm having the same issue. it takes FOREVER to load now, when before it took a few seconds.
  10. @Jason Carr I was minimizing and restoring LB because otherwise I was having issues with the emumovies video for the game continuing to play when the game started. If that's been fixed since then I can disable that option
  11. I have LB set to minimize when launching, and restore when exiting. When I use the startup screen in Retroarch (haven't tested other emulators yet) it doesn't restore the LB window after exiting.
  12. Picked it up for Android, it's pretty fun! Reminds me a lot of Galcon Fusion.
  13. Regarding the arcade playlists, would it be possible to not have them count against the total for the platform category if they're represented in multiple categories? Like in this screenshot, I've only got 2475 actual arcade roms, but because of the redundancy of totaling the playlists, it shows 9209 at the top.
  14. I'm not clear on the specifics, but you start it by running a .bat file which starts Launchbox along with a proxy software they use to get around certain protection checks for the flash games, and then closes when you close the Launchbox install. The launchbox install itself isn't that customized, but the whole process would be difficult to switch between if you wanted to use the flash games in your standard launchbox install, that's all I meant.
  15. Ironically enough, it uses a custom version of Launchbox, so you can't run it through your existing Launchbox installation, since two can't be running at once.
  16. So for the full set importer, since it lets you skip certain categories to import such as mechanical, unplayable, casino etc. (and there is a LOT of bloat in a standard MAME full romset nowadays), would it be possible to either let us delete the roms that are skipped (since I'm only filtering them because I don't want them) or at least let us move the roms that are imported to somewhere separate so I can delete the rest of the roms that I choose to filter? I hate the idea of just keeping around a bunch of broken/unplayable/gambling games for the sake of a "full romset." EDIT: Also,
  17. So to clarify, the new importer will only work if you have a full romset? If not, can there be an option to only import the roms that are actually present?
  18. I can also confirm that the single-click launch bug is still around. Honestly the only reason it's a big deal for me is that whenever I delete a game, I have to manually delete the video associated with it. I wish Launchbox had an option to delete all associated media when you delete a game, it'd make my life a lot easier. Has anyone else had issues where when you scroll up or down with the mouse wheel in .Next , it seems to go slower than in OG Launchbox?
  19. Nope, I'm just using a single monitor. But it might have something to do with clicking outside of Launchbox and back in, I'll have to test. EDIT: Yup, that's the cause (or at least one cause.) Any time I click away and launchbox loses focus, when I click back into launchbox the game that I click gets launched as if I double clicked.
  20. I'm having a weird issue where sometimes when I single-click on a game to select it, the game immediately launches. I'm 100% sure I'm not double-clicking it, and it's only ever happened in NEXT, not OG Launchbox. Has anyone else seen this?
  21. Does using a shader like this affect the input lag noticeably? I'd fiddled with the shaders in mame a few years ago and it made it really hard to play
  22. Huh. Looks like Brad finally deleted them. I messaged @Jason Carr on Discord about it, hopefully we have another copy laying around.
  23. This is pretty much exactly why I rejected them as well.
  24. Yes, it was for games that I was specifically launching using an application path of "steam://rungameid/******" , which I've done for countless games before.
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