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PS2 7z to GZ and CSO


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Hi all,

I was hoping someone could help me please. 

I have read a few other forum posts in the past about converting 7z to GZ through extraction and running a .bat. 

I have downloaded a full pack from archive.org including ISO and .bin all of which are currently 7z. There are over 1000+ games which takes up 2.5TB in 7z format. I didn't realise I couldn't play these as downloaded so I only purchased a 3.5tb hard drive for them which means I cannot extract them all (I believe this is closer to 6tb?) to play. I have seen in a different forum post a .bat which will automatically GZ every 7z ISO. I was wondering if there was any way that I could run this script in the folder with all my games without it breaking those games with .bin+.cue as from my understanding .bin + .cue won't work with the available .bat script. If not is the only way to manually find every game with .bat and put them in a seperate folder? If so is there a list of games that are .bat rather than ISO as it could take a while to manually search those :)

I hope the above makes sense.



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1 hour ago, Suhrvivor said:

The easiest solution is to delete everything you downloaded so far and redownload it as chd, there's a pack with that format in the same place you downloaded those gz.


32 minutes ago, zugswang said:


Like Suhrvivor said, the easiest/quickest solution is to download them again as CHD.

If you try to convert from gz to chd you first have to extract all the gz files (takes forever) to get to the iso files inside , then convert from iso to chd (again an absolute beast of a job)

There is probably a bat file somewhere that can do it all in one, but trust me it will tie up your computer for a loooong time.

I converted 7,400 gz this way and it took over a month to complete ! 🤯


Hi both,

Thank you for this. I'll have a look on archive.org for the chd pack and redownload. Wish I knew this earlier, took over a month to download the last pack from archive.org as it seems to flutter between 500kb/s-1mb/s despite having gigabit broadband lol.

Thanks all - time to get downloading :)

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