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  1. One issue I've found is that unlike the old exe method, it's not portable; the script path you send to the Powershell app can't be relative,
  2. Looking forward for the updated script. I've just managed to make the current rpcs3-launcher.exe work, note that you need a couple of extra tweaks for it to close properly like rpcs3 would. In case someone is curious, this is what you need to change:
  3. The dark theme is one of those things I didn't know I wanted and now can't live without it! Thanks for adding it!
  4. Make sure LaunchBox doesn't unzip the arcade roms before it sends them to Retroarch.
  5. I've compared with a couple of discs and I'm getting about 50MB difference per disc between cso and chd. It's a small difference but I think it's worth it, I'm definitely switching to chd. Now I'd hope for the Ps3 emu devs to start supporting chd or at least any disc image format, dumping and storing games in folders having thousands of files it's a royal pain in the ass.
  6. That game is not listed as playable on their compatibility website. You might have to wait a little longer to be able to play it on Xemu. Source: https://xemu.app/titles/4c410003/#Star-Wars-Knights-of-the-Old-Republic
  7. Fanart - Backgrounds are used as backgrounds for several Launchbox, Bigbox, startup and pause screen themes, having text or logos in the background plus the text and logos in the foreground of the themes makes it hard to read the foreground text and makes for an overall (and in my opinion) "bootlegged" feeling experience.
  8. Because Launchbox is only focusing on being a frontend, not an all-in-one emulator. LB gives you the freedom to use any emulator or program you want, not just the limited built in cores like Retroarch does.
  9. Looks like my issue was solved too. Thanks for your hard work! ?
  10. The new Require Holding Back to Navigate to System Menu option doesn't seem to work when you Default Startup View is set to All Games.
  11. Welcome!! LaunchBox Enterprises is booming!!
  12. Wow, lots of submissions, Thanks for replying! This is the one I like the most, thanks!
  13. Noice! Looking forward to it.
  14. I'm surprised Panzer Dragoon Saga doesn't have a proper logo yet, If someone wants to tackle it, here's the best source I could find:
  15. This is actually pretty easy and quick to do by converting the colors to black using the Black and White adjustments in Photoshop:
  16. This game is pretty chill and needs it's logo:
  17. Can you give us an example? In my experience, the screenshots in the database are either native resolution or higher. A very small number are what you would call "worst quality".
  18. Love these themes! You can use some of them for the Switch ports too so it's a 2x1. I would love a theme for Xenoblade Chronicles X and New Super Mario Bros. U please
  19. I don't think it's a good idea to import xmls. The best way is to just to import the games directly using the LB import wizard. My advice when importing for the first time is to don't download any media, uncheck all boxes from LB DB and Emumovies. This way it will process much faster. You can add the media later and this way you can still use LB while it downloads media.
  20. Try always writing a reason for your uploads, it makes them harder to be rejected, specially on artwork that might seem generic. That particular MK9 background might be rejected because it looks generic and iirc someone put it on every MK game and it was accepted! As for PNG vs. JPG for backgrounds, if you use high quality settings for the jpeg compression, the visual difference is almost non-existent but the file size difference is still massive. Remember that the database images are meant to be used in an application so performance and file size should be more important than quality or historical preservation efforts.
  21. You can find a couple of good ones in the Launchbox's database: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/images/149223
  22. My advice is to rename the "Atari 2600" images folder to "Atari 2600.old", then go to LaunchBox, select all the games for that platform, go to tools > Download Metadata and Media, check all boxes from LaunchBox DB and none from Emumovies. After finishing the download process you can compare with the old folder and add what's missing.
  23. PS3_DISC.SFB is not the executable, just a file containing metadata for Bluray games. The executable of every PS3 game is named EBOOT.BIN (and is located inside the \PS3_GAME\USRDIR\ folder of the game Bluray's root directory), that's what you need to import. To add PS3 games, Find the EBOOT.BIN inside the game's disc dump folder, drag and drop it into LaunchBox, then in the last window of the import wizard rename it to its proper name and you're done. If you have a digital version of the game and have trouble finding the EBOOT.BIN. you can find the folder in the context menu of the game on the RPCS3's game list (right click and select Open Install Folder).
  24. This Xbox game is currently missing its logo.
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