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  1. New default theme? Thanks, I hate it. just kidding, I like it a lot! Seems to me it's also faster than the old ones.
  2. Suhrvivor

    adding box art

    Right click on your game, then select Edit, a window with details and images should appear, right click where the images are and select "Add images" after adding them don't forget to right click them and change the image type to the correct one.
  3. Most themes have multiple views, one of them being showing videos fullscreen. You need to change to that view by pressing the change view button. You can assign it to a key or a button in the options menu in Bigbox. Also, remember to check "Prioritize Theme videos" in the "Videos" section.
    Just trailer videos without any editiing...
  4. When going back from "all games" on BigBox, it takes you to a previous selected filter (Like regions or publisher) instead of the options menu. Is that the intended behaviour?
  5. Video themes are only for BigBox. Make sure you put them under the right folder and you set BB to prefer video themes over videosnaps. Video themes name must match game's name and must be placed in a "Theme" folder inside the video folder of the platform.
  6. Games with unskippable cutscenes, specially before a hard boss.
  7. League of Legends. I could write a 100000 words essay about the things that frustrate you about that game.
  8. For templates, your best bet is to search for them in Deviantart and VGBoxart.
  9. Something similar happened to me with the new Resident Evil 2 on PC: when two games have the same name, the scrapper only finds the oldest version . You can fix that by searching using alternative names, In my case "Resident Evil 2 (2019)". I'll add the alternative name "Home (2019)" to your game so when it's accepted into the database you can find it by searching that.
  10. I have RocketLauncher on my LB setup working perfectly but only for a small number of games, notably Gamecube games like Resident Evil 2 and 3, using an old Dolphin emulator for audio compatibility and bezel reasons, plus a handful of 3Ds games that use both screen during gameplay requiring bezels and some Daphne titles that can run with bezels. I guess I could remove it and won't lose much but since it just works and took me years to make it function at the current level, I see no point in removing it.
  11. Redream is pretty good overall, you can't upscale unless you buy the $5 license though. Demul is the most compatible but it's kind of old and clunky in my opinion. The Reicast core for Retroarch it's also a decent option, I use it myself for everything Dreamcast related that it's not WinCE (gotta go with Demul for that).
  12. Try this: Open LaunchBox, go to Menu -> Manage Emulator. Double click your emulator (Mupen64 Plus in this case) Click the Pause Screen Tab -> Pause Screen tab -> Save State tab. Add the following in the text box: Send {F5} Make sure you do the same in the Load State tab with the appropriate key to be able to load state in the pause screen.
  13. Clear logos and other images are cached for performance reasons, if you downloaded new ones you need to refresh the cache for them to be displayed. To refresh BigBox's cache Open BigBox, go to Options -> Image cache, and select Refresh All Images.
  14. NSP it's the better format since it's smaller than xci. You can run nsp files directly without having to install them first. If you're already using a frontend like LaunchBox I don't see the point of installing NSPs into Yuzu.
  15. Just search in ESRB's website and put what's there, if the game is not found, it's "not rated".
  16. Some NES games and emulators have a black border no matter what. Make sure your emulator's overscan and aspect ratio settings are properly set. I use and recommend Zaazu's Bezels, their black and grey color scheme make them not too intrusive, focusing the screen on the game, not the border.
  17. I had trouble with the cso compressor for PSP. I'd recommend you use maxcso to compress PS2 games, you can batch convert them all with it (just drag and drop). The marginal benefit of gzip over cso is not worth the trouble of needing a cache file. CSO it's your best option for PCSX2.
  18. I was thinking about being able to flip carts and discs like we do with boxes. since all backs of media are most of the time all the same, it would be cool to just have one default for all of them using this new feature.
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