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Invalid user/password combination from Retro Achievements

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When launching a RetroArch game from Launchbox, I get the "invalid user/password combination" error. I have reset my api and put the new key in Launchbox and I still get the error. Even after pressing "Test" and successfully connecting from settings.

When launching a game from RetroArch, I log into Retro Achievements just fine.

Any ideas?

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1 hour ago, C-Beats said:

Believe that is a known issue with older RetroArch installs. I had that happening for a while but it stopped when I upgraded.

I just updated RetroArch, but now I get a different error: "no password provided for RetroAchievements account"

There is nowhere to put a password for it in LaunchBox. I login fine if I launch games through RetroArch tho. What is Launchbox doing differently to get the error?

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Did you put the password back into RetroArch after the upgrade? RetroArch in the past has had errors related to them not plugging code in to be executed when RetroArch is ran from command line vs the executable without any command arguments. It could be another similar issue to that. I've not personally had any issues logging into Cheevos since I did my upgrade though so I'm not entirely sure what's going on on your end.

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I figured out the problem. While I did re-enter the password in the RetroArch app, I also had to add the password manually to each RetroArch .cfg file I have. Like RetroArch.cfg, NES.cfg, SNES.cfg, ect. I also had to remove the chevos_tolken from each of the .cfg files and then all games launched from Launchbox logged into Retro Achievements. 

Will I have to do this everytime I update either Launchbox or RetroArch? This is going in an arcade cabinet, so that might get pretty annoying.

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