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Aether sx2 working on Reset Collection


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As the tittle says, aether sx2 is launching games properly from reset collection frontend, tested by me. The big question is if it could be done the same in our Launchbox?


I think remember that the developer of aether said that he doesn't want his app for working with external frontend's.

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Since I politely reached out to the developer and was basically told to go stuff myself, I don't have a whole lot of hope here. I'm not sure if Reset Collection somehow got on the developer's good side, or just stumbled on some kind of magic solution, or what. But generally, if an app developer actively does not want us to support their app (which is the case for Aether SX2), we generally don't focus on adding support for it, especially since they could just put out a new version that purposefully breaks that support (which is literally what the developer actually threatened to do when we talked to him). So it's quite an unfortunate situation there.

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