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Epic Games Import Doesn't Work With Playtime


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I love that Launchbox now has a playtime function, but it would be even better if it showed (as much as possible) the true playtime of a game rather than the time played since they added the feature. One small way to do this would be to have the Epic Games import function also bring in playtime, just as it does with Steam. Alternatively, Launchbox could just allow me to manually edit my playtime so I can just line up the real playtime to Launchbox's, and not have to think about it again after that.

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I didn't have any EGS games installed so couldn't even get to that menu (kinda sucks they don't make that information available for uninstalled games). I added this to the list, though at this point I'm not real sure if their API will even let me GET that information so I can't make any promises of when or IF it gets added, but definately be curious to see what we can find out about it.

In the meantime if you wanted you can close LaunchBox and manually edit the XML data file to alter the playtime, but you'd have to do that per game. The playtime in that file is in total seconds played as well so may need to do some math to make sure you input the right number. I'd most certainly make sure to take a backup before you do that though so you can restore if anything gets messed up when manually editing files

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Right now I don't know of any plans to since you can't do that for ANY play stat as I remember (except for resetting it). Be interesting to see how many people would use something like that though. When ya get the time could you go to the top of this page and click the "Help & Support" link and then "Request a Feature" and fill that out with that request? Will open up a BitBucket ticket people can vote on that we use to gauge interest on various requested changes.

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