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Morning, people

First of all - what a brilliant thing this is !!

The only issue I'm having so far is launching Redream - it will run from LB, but straight to Redream, where i have to pick the game again.

I have changed a script with help that I found in an earlier thread, but it hasn't worked. It doesn't look the same as the thread shows, so I'm not sure if I've done this right ?  

I added the   Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}}  script, but it isn't working.

Any help greatly appreciated.








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Redream does not need any scripts to work correctly, its one of the easiest emulators and needs zero additional setup other than pointing Launchbox at it. Also that script you have appears to be sending Alt-F4 to close the emulator, so not sure why you are using that. The only reason i can think of that a rom is not loaded directly from Launchbox is the file type of your roms, what are they?

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5 minutes ago, adrianmole72 said:

Thanks for the reply.

All file folders have .bin, .cue , and .gdi

As for the script, that is just the default - the other was on a previous thread

I even deleted the stuff in the Running Script section, but just get this (pic 3)



Which file type did you import to Launchbox?


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3 minutes ago, adrianmole72 said:

Just the whole folder retroarch/games/dreamcast

Ok that is likely the problem, Launchbox will not know what file to use so is picking one that doesnt actually work. OK, delete the Dreamcast platform in Launchbox by right clicking it in the sidebar, if it asks if you want to delete the media associated with the platform say no, (no point in downloading the same stuff again). Then go to your Dreamcast folder in Windows and put "*.gdi" in the search without the quotes to show all the gdi files in that folder, click one and CTRL-A to highlight them all, and drag and drop them to the Launchbox window to start the importer, work through the wizard but uncheck all the image downloads as you still have them and they will re-attach after.

Test a game again.

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