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Model 2 Launch Box Issue Loading Roms


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I can get m2 Emulator to Load the Roms when I open directly from the Emulator.  However, when I load from launchbox it says unable to load missing files. Load aborted.

This is strange to me as the M2 config file directs the rom path and not Launchbox?


I am running it through DemulShooter bat file as my main use is for lightguns games. But the other games have the same issue.

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Try these steps, Mess with just the Standalone emulator, don't launch with launchbox.  check your Emulator.ini file and make sure your directory is set correctly. You're Dir1=c: line should be your rom location, just point it to wherever it's at.  Also at least 2 games (lightgun wise) contain CHD files, HOTD & VCOP.  if you have a seperate spot for CHD files you can create Dir2= (CHD LOCATION HERE)  directly under Dir1. (note remove the ; in front of Dir1.

;Add your rom directories here (max 10)
;ROMS subdirectory in the same folder than the exe is always scanned when searching for roms
;(remove the ; form Dir1)

Run emulator_multicpu.exe - this will populate the remaining settings within EMULATOR.INI

Close the Model 2 emulator


Search for the settings below within your EMULATOR.INI file and set as appropriate


From there run your emulator using emulator_multicpu.exe also, set this in launchbox as your launching executable.

if the game starts up then you solve the problem of game running via the Sega M2.  If the doesn't work then scrap your M2 and redo setup.  If it doesn't work when you launch it with Launchbox then it's narrowed down at least to a launchbox issue. Good luck!

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