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Strange gamepad shortcut problem in BigBox


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Hi everyone !

I have a little problem with gamepad shortcuts when I want to quit some emulators.
But my config is particular...

The context :
I installed Launchbox on a windows VM dedicated to gaming. This VM is hosted at home, on my personal server. (Unraid)
That way I can play anywhere and only maintain one setup. (TV, laptop, desktop, handheld ...)
To connect and play, I use Moonlight.

Example 1 : at work  (works)
Win10 desktop + xBox One old gamepad (wireless with USB stick)   >>   Moonlight   >>   same Bigbox on VM  (distant)
Press "start+Select" quit Dolphin emulator  🆗
No problem.

Example 2 : at home  (dont work)
Apple TV 4K + xBox One X last gamepad (wireless with bluetooth)  >>   Moonlight   >>   same Bigbox on VM  (local)
Press "start+Select"  DONT quit Dolphin emulator. Act like "alt+tab" in windows. Strange !
Strangely, pressing "start" alone open the bigBox virtual keyboard popup! Only in this configuration  oO'


Same probleme if i use the "pause screen" option.

I noticed this problem only with Dolphin! (up to date by the way)


An idea?
A Windows setting?  (all "xbox game bar" stuff in win 10 are disabled)
A BigBox setting?
A compatibility issue with latest xBox controllers?

I'm lost and it's painful every time my children start a game with Dolphin!


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