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  1. Thx @C-Beats Of course I read Jason's doc. But these settings have no effect on my wheel. No matter how much value I give them. I try SelectedScale and ItemSpacing, but no effect ! =/
  2. THX @RedSnake ! it's works ! ABOUT THE WHEEL : OK I understand. It makes sense with an ortho camera. But how to do it ? Do I have to cheat or is there a "clean" method? @Jason Carr ? See code above. To have the selected item larger than the others.
  3. A big THX to @faeran who gave me the solution! It works ! I come back to 2 questions: Sorry, I'm a bit rusty on the code ^^ #01 New Wheel : @Jason Carr 's new options are amazing, but I can't seem to make the selected item bigger than the others. Here is my code. Where is my mistake? <coverFlow:FlowControl x:Name="FlowControl" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" Grid.Column="0" Grid.ColumnSpan="10" Grid.Row="0" Grid.RowSpan="10" ImageType="Boxes"
  4. Yep, based on TextGameView v4.2 😉
  5. Thx @C-Beats It will help me a lot! By following your lead (see code below) I can do the opposite at best. (all strip full white, except selected item with 0.5 opacity) It drives me crazy !!! ^^ <ControlTemplate.Triggers> <MultiTrigger> <MultiTrigger.Conditions> <Condition Property="IsMouseOver" Value="True" /> </MultiTrigger.Conditions> <Setter Property="Opacity" Value="1.0" />
  6. But "Bd" is for the border. For the blue colored text background. Not for the font ! If you have 5 min, can you integrate your idea into the piece of code I posted? Just the area to modify, that I understand your idea!
  7. No I don't think it's a CoverFactory. It's the quick acces alphabetical line. The code I posted is almost the original one, from Default theme. I just did a few modification. Basically, @Jason Carr's code uses a blue background to highlight the selected item. I would like to remove this (easy) with an opacity game (hard) Any ideas ?
  8. Hi guys ! Back again with my theme crafts! Today I am blocking on HorizontalListBoxStyle. (in games view, the alphabetical fast access strip) This is what I want to achieve : I managed to do everything, but I get stuck on the opacity effect to highlight the selected item. Basically: item not selected: opacity = "0.5" item selected: opacity = "1.0" It seems simple to me, but I can't do anything! Ideas ? @Jason Carr @Grila @eatkinola Here is my my piece of code : <UserControl.Resources> <Style x:Key="HorizontalListBoxItemSty
  9. Yes I try, of course. By the way, the camera Z position must be higher that the selected item. I must missing something =/
  10. A BIG thank you to everyone for your feedback. I will therefore go on v4.2 for the moment. We will see what I can do on code side. Yes, this view is well planned. BUT I have a big doubt about its feasibility on the code side. I will try, with no guarantee of succeeding. The difficulty will be to set up an animation structure that works regardless of the height/width ratio of the images. And it's not nothing. There is so much variety that it gets complicated! I have already started working the HorizontalWheel1GamesView view. But stupid thing ... I can not h
  11. Hi guys ! I'm slowly starting to work on updating my theme and I already have a problem with Visual Studio. No preview and it tells me "invalid markup". If I do "Show the code" it highlights the point of the arrow for me. (see picture) I had this problem before, but always with a real error. Here, no XAML error, even with default theme views, and it's work fine in BigBox. Any ideas how to fix this? I dont have the level to work only with notePad ++
  12. OK. I hear that v4 is the most "classic" of the 3. But what if I add more "Colorful Background"? It remains classic in its design, but it seems consistent to me!
  13. On this subject: a little reminder. TextGamesView is a bit special in BigBox. This is not theme dependent, but the way of BigBox structure itself was buid. A single "TextGamesView.xaml" file, a single design, for 2 uses ====> SelectGames by text list /AND/ Game Detail View That's why I'm so bothered by this sight. - With version 1 and 3: nobody will be able to use it as a Game Selection by text list. Only for Game Detail. - With version 4 : it's not perfect, but functional for a Game Selection by text list. Last layer of thought: I'd like to use the design stru
  14. Yep, opacity isn't a problem and I thinks it's buidin in new wheel. It's about the saturation ...
  15. OK, last makup pass before testing all this in code! (in the next few weeks, I have to get back to work!) All about TextGamesView. Exit the v2. Here come a new challenger : v4 ! Just kidding. It's a big modification of v3, integrating your feedback. TextGameView v1 : The same as yesterday. Just micro adjustments on the list. The BIG problem with this view is going to be getting the video left aligned ... I never got there until now! If anyone has an idea, I'm interested! TextGameView v3 : The same as yesterday, except the video breathe. Work
  16. You are right about v2. It does not work well and I prefer the previous one. In all cases, the choice will be made between v1 and v2. What a feedback! Merci à toi !! Yes, this theme is designed for large TV screens. A more modern interface, far from the 80's cab. It remains the main design axis, blocked in 16:9. But if someone else uses it on a monitor, that's fine too! TGV1 is more ventilated, lighter, and allows to keep part of the option list. TGV2 has a sharper and more spectacular design. I like it a lot too. But on a 4K TV, with an old crapy BoxArt jpg ... I don't k
  17. Thanks ! For the others, there is an update on the previous page Please check ! I add that the chosen TextGamesView will be the basis of the start and pause theme!
  18. OK OK OK. I think I will reach the goal. ^^ (Attention, big post) But since it's a mess, I have prepared a summary image for you. A storyboard of colorful navigation. By the way, I updated the "old views". (font, style, fit ...) The grids are side by side, because of similar design. Just the background color. Light/Dark or Colorful version. All will be develop. For me there is enough view for this v2. That covers quite a bit of possibility. There remains the GameDetailView to validate because there can only be ONE by theme! And so here is the compl
  19. Thx all ! I must have explained badly about the grids: The choice is not on the background color. Not even on the title. Just on the grid itself. Its style, its density, its feeling.
  20. No chance. Sorry! I'm already having trouble finding the time to do whatever I want for Colorful. So develop 1 view for 1 platform ... But you are right. This is the only way to control the effect. I would do some code testing, but if it doesn't work, I forget it. This is the whole principle of this TextGameView v2. Cut it into 4 areas, with a diagonal loaded and a diagonal light. Displayed small on a PC screen, it does not work well. But in full screen on a 50 "TV, I think so. I hope so! About the button, that's what I'm looking for: hide the list and tinker with it to make it f
  21. I still have a little time! Here are some updated mokup: PlatformWheel3FiltersView As requested, a test with a colored background. I'm still not convinced. Or with a custom ClearLogo set (like full white). But I want my designs to work as well as possible with basic media. PlatformWheel4FiltersView Still without video, the main image becomes the wheel. I like it but very (too?) simple. HorizontalWheel1GamesView This one, I like it a lot. I'll try to develop it like this! Validated for me =) HorizontalWheel2GamesView On the same idea, a
  22. OK guys! Mokup update for next view It's slowly refined! HorizontalWheel1GamesView I really like this one. Super simple, elegant, no video or parasitic info. Some micro adjustments for this version. For feasibility, it remains to check how the "new wheel" handles with high resolution BoxArt! HorizontalWheel2GamesView Test by off-center the horizontal wheel. From my point of view, there is still too much info displayed on this view. But the graphics balance looks good. Your opinion? Adjustments must to be made on the buttons I think. No technical diffic
  23. Wow! Thank you for your messages! Many good comments! I prepare a new version as soon as possible
  24. UPDATE !! +1 Platform video : Taito Type X2 -by- @OdinsPlayground Big THX to him ! Already available through all usual channels + updated ColorCode zip for the theme =)
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