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Question about the "Tools > Manage > RetroArch > Update" feature


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Sorry if my question has already been covered. I tried searching the forums but didn't find an answer.

In my setup I have a few different installations of RetroArch configured as "emulators" in LaunchBox, to handle different video driver and/or controller configurations.

Is there a way to designate which specific installation of RetroArch gets updated via this LaunchBox feature?

I tried running the update feature to see what would happen and, as far as I can tell, only one of my RetroArch installations was updated.

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I’ve been trying to figure this out myself. It seems like the reason Launchbox only updates one instance of Retroarch is because it looks at the emulators in your manage emulators list and only updates the one named simply, “Retroarch”.

At least in my setup, when I tried to create another entry for Retroarch, I’m presented with a pop up saying that the emulator already exists or can’t be named the same. So I’ll create Retroarch (NES), or Retroarch (Vulkan) for example. 

After doing so, the only instance of Retroarch that updates through the Launchbox Retroarch update feature is the one named “Retroarch”. Any instance with anything added to the name is not updated.

It would be great if the update feature just looked for the emulator name to contain Retroarch instead of only referencing an exact match. 

(To the dev team) is this something that would be possible to implement in a future update?

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