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  1. If I run the RetroArch directly, I get audio (via HDMI). But if I use LaunchBox to start a game, using RetroArch, there is no audio. Any idea what could be going on?
  2. It was up earlier but it's down for me right now.
  3. I have a feeling that this issue will get resolved with the new "automatic ROM folder parsing feature" that's been mentioned recently. I'm going to wait until that feature is live before submitting a bug report.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, @Charco. I'll try this later today. But, if it works, it only solves the issue for this one ROM. There are a few other, non Neo Geo, ROMs recently added to MAME that I also could not import.
  5. Nope, didn't work. I chose "Force importing duplicate games", "Import all clones" and unchecked all the "skip" options. Should I report this as a bug on bitbucket?
  6. Thanks, I thought I did that but maybe not. I'll try again.
  7. I picked up a 4GB/64GB Up Board recently, specifically to build a bartop cab with LB and MAME. I saw a review for the Up Board on YouTube where it was mentioned that you can buy Windows 10 license keys on ebay for cheap. I was able to buy a Windows 10 Pro OEM key for $16 CAD. I was skeptical but the seller had a perfect rating with hundreds of sales. The key was sent to me via ebay message within a few hours. It worked. I'm happy. About 20 years ago I built my first computer for around $6,000 CAD. It was a Pentium 100 with 16MB of RAM. This little Up Board SBC runs circles around it. It could actually replace a desktop PC most day to day tasks and it's great with LaunchBox and MAME. Imagine where we'll be in another 20 years!
  8. My current LaunchBox setup is based on the All Killer No Filler list (based on MAME 0.170) and there are a few games added in newer versions of MAME that I would like to add. When I manually select the ROM ("crswd2bl.7z" for example) and go through all the steps in the Wizard, the Ready to Import list is empty. Is this because the LaunchBox Games Database has not been updated for the latest MAME game list yet? If so, is there a way to force the game to import?
  9. This is a great resource. You might want to update it for all the console platforms supported by Final Burn Alpha.
  10. Well, on the bright side, I can confirm that the import issue for games that had download errors is indeed fixed. The import above, with EmuMovies selected, and the filter settings mentioned previously, resulted in 2899 games being imported with around 6000 errors reported. I then cleared the games list and redid the import with the same filters, this time selecting "none" from EmuMovies. The result was also 2899 games imported, but this time there were no errors reported.
  11. I found another thread here with the same issue I'm having. In that case the user was not a premium EmuMovies member. I'm going to ask about this issue on the EmuMovies forums. It's possible that one of their API systems doesn't know I have a premium account.
  12. Hi @Jason Carr, You are correct. I misremembered the URL. It's api.gamesdbase.com. Sorry. I work in IT and I hate when customers give me bad info. Oh well... I've attached a screenshot. This is from part way through importing a 0.178 MAME ROM collection. I used the filtering you recommend in your video, except I didn't skip adult games (I probably should have; they are all terrible). Is there a way to dump this to a text file? Would it help to have that? My concern is that, per the comment earlier in the thread, the games with download errors are not going to be imported into LaunchBox. Or has that issue been resolved?
  13. Hi Jason, Thanks for responding. Sorry for the necropost. I've been a "forever" premium member for a while but just got around to building a MAME cab and ran into this problem. Up until now I've been using LaunchBox with GOG games and haven't seen this issue yet. After I posted here I saw the other thread that talks about thegamesdb.net site issues. Anyway, I'm following your video tutorial on importing a MAME collection and I notice that during the import an error counter in the bottom right is racking up an impressive count. At the end of the process a window pops up with a scrollable list of all the errors and asks me if I want to import the ROMs that did not have errors. I don't remember the exact wording but all the errors say something like "404 error" contacting "api.thegamesdb.net". I should have taken a screenshot. I'll do another import and get one. Also note that I'm an EmuMovies platinum member as well. I saw earlier in this thread how that might be connected to this problem.
  14. Hello, I'm trying to import a MAME ROM collection and I've run into the same issue. I'm using version 6.12. Has there been any progress on this?
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