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Tutorial: PS2 - Move a game save from RetroArch PCSX2 core to PCSX2 stand-alone memory card!


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I had played just a few Playstation 2 games (TMNT and The Last Airbender) using the RetroArch PCSX2 core. During those plays, I had made some progress that I didn't want to have to repeat on the stand-alone PCSX2 emulator but that progress was saved to the RetroArch PS2 memory card. Guess what, those memory cards from RA will not load in PCSX2. Well, (in my opinion) the stand-alone PCSX2 emulator (v1.7.xxxx) works MUCH better and is much faster. So I set out to find out if I could move or convert those RA game saves to the PCSX2's memory card. I finally figured it out and here is how you do it:


Credits: Following This Reddit post 

 and this forum thread https://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-How-to-use-the-myMC-tool-to-import-export-saves-from-PCSX2  I got my answer

Software used:

  • PCSX2 v1.7.2788 *or higher
  • RetroArch v1.10.3 with PCSX2 core
  • mymc-alpha-2.7


  1. Download mymc
  2. Right-click the zip file and Unblock it
  3. Extract it anywhere you choose
  4. Go to that folder and run the mymc-gui.exe
  5. On launch it will try to find your memory cards. We are going to navigate to the RetroArch PS2 memory card location because that's our goal - to extract the game save and then load it to the PCSX2 memory card.
  6. In the window that popped up, navigate to RetroArch>system>PCSX2>memcards
  7. You should see two cards - One is named Mcd001.ps2 and the other Mcd002.ps2. Select the first one, Mcd001.ps2 and press Open
  8. You will now see some system configuration files and hopefully your game saves. Click the game save you wish to export
  9. With the game save selected, click the Export icon at the top
  10. You will now get a popup window where you can navigate to any location you wish to keep this game save
  11. You can save it anywhere. For our purposes we'll just go ahead and save it to the PCSX2 (stand-alone emulator) memory card folder
  12. Navigate to your PCSX2 emulator and select the memcards folder. Do not rename your game save and just press "Save"
  13. Back in the main mymc window you will now press the left-most icon to Open a memory card. We are now going to open the memory card which PCSX2 uses.
  14. Navigate to your PCSX2>memcards location and select the Mcd001.ps2 memory card and press Open
  15. We will now import your game save!!! Press the Import icon at the top, you should automatically be in the PCSX2>memcards folder and you'll see your game save psu file! Select your file and press Open
  16. Uh oh. What if you already have a game save on the PCSX2 emulator for that game? Easy - just click the unwanted game save, go to File and then select Delete. Warning! This will delete the existing game save, be sure this is what you intend to do.
  17. Once the conflicting game save is deleted, you may now repeat step 15 to import your desired game save.
  18. That's it! Once the game save is imported, you may exit mymc and launch PCSX2 and test out your original game save!

***Make sure your PCSX2>Settings>Memory Cards are using the Mcd001.ps2 file in the Port 1 slot.

I hope this helps! It worked for me, let me know if you have any problems.

*Future tutorial: Having a memory card per each game automatically load to avoid the 8MB memory card limit

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