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  1. Here is a link to the Unbroken Software YouTube channel playlist (153 videos) for Launchbox tutorials: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6pTDaHeAz-WMcNURVPU-1xLN_TVpT3FB BigBox custom theme tutorials: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6pTDaHeAz-X8yNgOD3DPxUf1gaB2FLzb
  2. Having the wrong BIOS could also be an issue. Try the exact BIOS used by ETA PRIME on his YouTube channel. Here is a supplemental video to that one And definitely check out UrCasualGamer, he makes everything extremely easy to follow and speaks to the beginning novice and doesn't just assume the user knows what to do. YouTuber Mr. Sujano also has some good content.
  3. These YouTube videos by the Launchbox team will help you. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6pTDaHeAz-WMcNURVPU-1xLN_TVpT3FB There are a bunch of videos in that playlist, just take your time and search through it to find the system you are looking for. I would also just look through their videos that have been uploaded recently in chronological order. https://www.youtube.com/c/UnbrokenSoftwareLLC/videos?view=0&sort=dd&flow=grid
  4. Did you assign a core to N64? Go to Tools>Manage>Emulators>Retroarch. Double-click RA. Select Associated Platforms. Next to Nintendo 64 double-click in the Core column and then select mupen64plus_next_libretro. Click OK. Click Close. Next, watch ETA Prime's recent YouTube video on N64 cores. https://youtu.be/-u69C_C6vC0
  5. @Lordmonkus What brand and version of fight stick do you own or would suggest? I would like one that sits on my lap. I'm realizing how hamstrung I am with my 8BitDo controller.
  6. Thanks! I was wondering the same thing yesterday as I have recently setup playlists.
  7. In addition, I found this to help with making the experience of booting directly into BB unobtrusive. I haven't tested it yet though. https://superuser.com/questions/1267931/hide-the-logon-screen-windows-10-iot Here are the techniques faeran mentioned: https://www.howtogeek.com/138159/how-to-enable-programs-and-custom-scripts-to-run-at-boot/
  8. @faeranCould you update the OP with all the changelog notes, please? Seeing them all together helps us see the progress and fixes/additions. Thank you.
  9. Simplify your life. Google and YouTube "chdman psx". It takes those bin and cue files and converts/compresses them into a chd file (you'll save a bunch of space if that's an issue). Think of it like FLAC compression but for data. Most emulators have been updated to support chd files. There are also bat files to run the chd conversion command to simplify the process.
  10. Sounds similar to an issue I reported a few days ago where my fallback Clear Logo images were not being displayed with marquee images selected as the view but a marquee image does not exist and falls back to a clear logo. Open the editor, press OK and the clear logo would then appear.
  11. Anybody else seeing duplicate fanart background images in the game's details section?
  12. Awesome, thanks for the hint - there are so many elements to learn and knowing when to use them. Is 2.3 a beta version?
  13. Feature Request: Ability to flip an image both on a horizontal axis and/or vertical axis Is it possible to constrain text inside a parent (say a dock or grid) so that any time you resize the parent, the text will resize itself automatically? Let's say I want to have "Super Nintendo Entertainment System" constrained inside a 500px parent but I don't want to define the font size because as soon as I switch to "Nintendo 64", the text will be too small. In this scenario, I want the SNES text to have a maximum width of the parent, and the N64 text to have a max height of the parent.
  14. Thank you! The warnings were getting annoying.
  15. 12.2-beta-2&3 Clear logos are not showing as the backup image when marquees are set as the view. * I have marquees set as the image group view * My marquee image priorities are: Arcade - Marquee, Banner, Steam Banner, Clear Logo * Clear logos ARE being displayed when Clear Logos are set as the image group! * It's not until I edit a game, view its images and then press "OK" does the clear logo get cached and displayed as the backup image. Some screenshots as an example: Black Heart Clear Logo is not being displayed as the backup image when Marquee image group is being displayed. As you can see, the image exists. Click OK and now the image is displayed Same thing with Atari Soccer. You can see that it's in my image folder as well. Edit the game. Yep, image is there. Click OK and the image is now cached.
  16. To change views you can use a keyboard or assign a key on your controller. These are set in the BB options menu.
  17. The LB and Emu scrapers might not find your clear logos if the games are named differently than what is expected in the LB and Emu databases. Did you rename them? https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/
  18. I copied over my LB folder from my Windows 10 drive to a freshly formatted/installed Windows 11 drive. LB will not run, I keep getting I then tried a fresh installation of LB into the default user directory and I get the same error when trying to launch the LB.exe. Installing the .NET Core 3.1.0 does not help.
  19. 1. Higher resolution videos 2. There is a user-built Windows app called Sync which is much faster than LB, it can grab images and videos, and it's multi-threaded for two simultaneous downloads.
  20. There is a EmuMovies community-created program that will download from EmuMovies, it's called EmuMovies Sync. It's multi-threaded (2) so you can download twice as fast. It'll search your ROMS and grab only the images or videos you are missing. https://emumovies.com/files/file/321-emumovies-sync/ You can also download from the EmuMovies FTP if you have a supporter account. With the FTP you could set more that 2 threads, I'd suggest no more that 4 though.
  21. About 15 hours of gameplay in platformers, vertical scrolling shooters, shoot 'em ups, and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and I can say that I really like the Button Mashers. I don't feel like the raised height of the gummy sticker causes any issues, in fact, I feel like it helps with twitch button presses as the distance between the buttons is now decreased. The gummy, tactile feel adds a definite advantage in keeping your finger attached to the button and the button just feels "nice". Even though the $6+tax+shipping is a bit hard to swallow, I definitely recommend these decals/stickers. There are 3 pages of numerous different styles of △○X□ and even ABXY available at FlamingToast https://www.flamingtoast.com/?product_cat=button-decals
  22. I watched most of your video, it looks like you have NO issues with the latest AAA's! I really like your startup and shutdown screens - which ones are they?
  23. Looks awesome. Could you link your source for the xemu setup tutorial, please?
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