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  1. About 15 hours of gameplay in platformers, vertical scrolling shooters, shoot 'em ups, and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and I can say that I really like the Button Mashers. I don't feel like the raised height of the gummy sticker causes any issues, in fact, I feel like it helps with twitch button presses as the distance between the buttons is now decreased. The gummy, tactile feel adds a definite advantage in keeping your finger attached to the button and the button just feels "nice". Even though the $6+tax+shipping is a bit hard to swallow, I definitely recommend these decals/stickers. There are 3 pages of numerous different styles of △○X□ and even ABXY available at FlamingToast https://www.flamingtoast.com/?product_cat=button-decals
  2. I watched most of your video, it looks like you have NO issues with the latest AAA's! I really like your startup and shutdown screens - which ones are they?
  3. Looks awesome. Could you link your source for the xemu setup tutorial, please?
  4. I now remember why I did a grid for each image/video - that's because the videos for each platform need to be in a different location and size for each platform image. Yes, I can just use Viking's fully-combined videos but my intent was to keep the file size down by using the individual elements. (yes, they are significantly smaller if I use the video/image separate rather than have them combined as a single video file.)
  5. Maybe this isn't useful to most, but would it be possible to string videos - e.g. When one video ends, begin another, possibly with a fade-to-black as an option. This may be just too hard to program but I was curious. P.S. Where are the crash logs? I'm getting some repeatable ones. I have a Grid that is holding multiple grids (one grid per platform). Each of those platform grids has a visibility of Collapsed unless the platform name is abcxyz. Inside THAT grid is a media image and a media video. Both the image and video are set to visible. This all works as expected - the platform video and image are collapsed until that platform is selected, they are then displayed. The problem - the video begins playing in the background so you hear all 17 videos playing at once even though only one is being displayed. The code error that pops up is when the Mute is toggled for the video.
  6. Fantastic 2.0 update! I really like the improved hierarchy dragging, it's intuitive and there is no question where you are dragging the element in the editor. One thing I noticed, the editor window will not automatically scroll if I'm trying to drag an item up/down in the list. Am I not doing it right? I know you are working on it, but I am really looking forward to wall view support. Thank you for all your hard work!
  7. May I suggest Emby to manage and display your media. There is a UI for every possible platform out there and for Windows there is a 10-foot UI as well.
  8. My Button Mashers arrived today! I can't wait to try them. They are quite thick and provide significant grippiness to the buttons. It'll be great in helping remember which buttons are which while playing Playstation games! Flaming Toast was the only company I could find (found them through a Reddit post) who has Playstation stickers for buttons. I only wish they had actual flat stickers, or to find a company that does. I used tweezers to pick them up and place them, that was the ticket and worked well.
  9. Oh, that's not how I had pictured it in my mind - yeah that would suck. How I pictured this feature was the ability to sort by suggested games. Instead of sorting by stars, you would sort by suggestions. Suggestions would be different from stars since they would be curated by one to three people who come up with a custom list of their favorite games and this list would be presented to the user as only those games, you wouldn't see any other games in that particular platform other than what is suggested. It would be enabled/disabled as easily as using the sort feature. That's how I imagine this feature in my mind.
  10. Yep, there needs to be a notification. In my case I had a back button #2 set as well as ESC, but what I didn't know until reading these replies was that you need to hold it for 4-5 seconds. I wasn't holding it that long! It was the initial 11.13 release before you pulled it.
  11. @faeran I, for the life of me, can't figure out how you created your wall views with the CTC beta. Since CTC doesn't show wheel changes in real time it's an extremely arduous process to tweak a wheel, save, publish, start BB, switch views, and then finally see the result. This might make for a good YouTube tutorial! Any help in the meantime would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  12. I'm unable to get to the system menu if the hold 'back' option is enabled but there is no keybind or controller bind. Holding ESC doesn't work. Holding 'A' (back button) on my controller doesn't work either. Edit: I found the <RequireHoldToBackToSystem> element and set it to false for now until this is resolved.
  13. Yep, not a problem. I've had fun working on it today.
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