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updated to mame .244 not uploading hiscores anymore


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Hi all, I'm probably overlooking something simple.  tested on a game, same version, all default settings, that previously uploaded to mame leaderboards, is now not uploading scores. my previously tested high score is still showing (From mame .212, now is .244). but not any recent greater than previous hiscores are showing up. the game is saving scores correctly with the .hi file to the hi folder. the highscores are reappearing in mame when restarting. autosave is off, cheats and game patches are off. LUA is pluggin enabled for hiscores. have tested on several games that used to work. I have it connected in the cloud settings, and I resynced games. Any ideas. any help would be greatly appreciated. I also updated the hiscore.dat file.

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Sometime between 0.212 and 0.244 MAME changed where high score files are stored.  It was changed from the "hi" folder to "hiscore".

That's more just for information because it doesn't answer why MAME is seeing/saving high scores and they're not being uploaded.  Unless LaunchBox looks for both "hi" and "hiscore" folders (to accommodate older and newer versions of MAME) and it takes the 1st one it finds.  Which in your case may be the "hi" folder.

Assuming when you updated MAME, you also included the updated lua scripts which should direct .hi files to "hiscore".

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you are correct in that it is now saving highscores in the hiscore folder and not the hi folder. will try renaming hi folder zhi folder and retest to check your theory, once I get done with a scan in a few hours. if this fixes it can I put my .hi files in with the new ones created in hiscore, or could this cause issues...

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your theory proves correct. testing on a variation of phoenix that nobody plays (Hellomat Automaten bootleg of Phoenix) rom "phoenixha" says Supported in leaderboard menu. It saved the .hi file in hiscore folder and uploaded to community leaderboards, perfect. 

But I found a real mixed bag of results testing 2 other variations of phoenix, all I tested says high scores supported in the leaderboards menu. 

   (S C Novar Bootleg of Phoenix) rom "condorn". This one saves the .hi file correctly, shows back up when playing game, but does not get on the community leaderboard

   (Sidam Bootleg of Phoenix) rom "condor" . the one doesn't save the .hi file, so obviously not uploading to community leaderboard. searching for condor in the hiscore.dat file does show it listed as working.

most likely unrelated issues, or not actually tested. these issues probably would be for developers of the hiscore.dat file and/or  hi2txt team

  I also test a few other Phoenix variations and they worked perfectly.

I think I can move out of newbie section on future post

  and thanks for the help.


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