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The warning pretty much sums it up.

Go to your \Backups folder and open one of the older backup zipped files. Copy just the Setting.xaml located in the zip into your \Data folder and place it in your \Lauchbox\Data folder and override the corrupt one. Make sure LB is closed first.

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3 minutes ago, ericg384 said:

Why did I get this message in the first place.

Because something caused that file to go corrupt. Typical reason for this is LB/BB was closed improperly and the Settings.xaml did not get to save correctly upon closing.

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13 minutes ago, ericg384 said:

And why dose install the lasted backup wipe out half my playlist???

The backups are only as good as the data at the time of the save. That's why there are typically several with different dates and times. So if you make changes and LB does not close properly to be able to save the new updates, well an old backup file is not going to have the new data.

Also if you copied over the whole zipped folder you did not need to do that. I advised all you needed to do was copy the Settings.xaml. That file contains only your LB settings and not your platform and playlist data.

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I've started to see similar messages in LaunchBox for Windows too.  I have usually been able to restore the corrupted files from backup zips since the problem started.  I had been using a quite old version of LaunchBox for the last few years without any problems, and recently reactivated the option to check for updates on start up.  Since I updated to the latest version, I have had to restore various files from the backup quite regularly.  Is there anything that could be causing these files to become corrupt so regularly since updating to version 12.11, and then 12.12?

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