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These are some things that I want to comment on for those who wish:
* Corrected graphic errors in flycast (independent) that was noticeable in games like the house of the dead 2 for its arcade version (now it is playable again). This mentioned can only be found in the latest dev version of the emulator, not in the full releases.
*A new version for ppsspp was brought that brings with it the solution of graphical errors in games like gta vice city stories or gta liberty city stories, where the camera used to be bugged in cut-scenes and gave a completely blank view. This may only be found in the latest developer version of the emulator's github.
* For those who use melonds, it is also proposed to bring command lines to start the emulator in fullscreen and it would no longer be necessary to use autohotkeys to do this task.

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15 hours ago, Suhrvivor said:

Are those changes present in their Retroarch core version?

possibly not.
The flycast thing is more recent (approximately a month let's say), and besides it is a dev version, the other time I tried the flycast core in retroarch and it still had graphic errors. According to the creators of flycast they said that this was due to the amd plates or intel, although more for the former.

The melonds thing is more because I consulted it in their forums and they said that they are working on the command lines for things like the frontend ones.

As far as ppsspp is concerned, I understand that the versions of retroarch are very obsolete, but even so, if you wish, you could give the dev version that is on its github a chance (obviously the independent version)

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