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I'm in the process of planning out my new gamesroom.

I have begun constructing a few different cabinets (4 Player, Light Gun, Driving, Pinball, etc...)


I have one master launchbox setup with all my games, but I will need to make a copy for each cabinet.

Does anyone else run multiple instances of launchbox?

Have you found a good way to copy content from one to the other without duplicating the whole library?

For instance I only want to put games that use a light gun on my light gun cabinet, but he only way I can see is to go and re-add those games on the new instance.

Or the flip flop is I copy everything and then delete everything I don't use.


Would be nice if LaunchBox could detect other instances of itself on the network so you could push content across.

Or even if it had an option to create a 'package' where it would archive up the game content along with any snaps\art\manuals so you could transfer one game along with all its settings.

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For this the easiest I have found is using FreeFileSync and then periodically updating the other PCs from a "master".  It can mirror the setup, or you can pick and choose (which would be lengthy process first round). It has a save function so you can replicate what folders/files you want to copy.  LB is still locally installed on each of the "child" PCs (particularly the image cache) for speed purposes.  Somewhat depends on the intent of the child PCs. If they are full copies and similar capability (i.e., can run all same emulators) then relatively straight forward.  The mirror function only copies changes/updated files after initial pass.  The key is making sure all the paths and drive letters are the same on each (either for local drive or for NAS).  The "Data" folder for LB is where you have to be careful and not mirror to other child PCs beyond the initial if the child PCs have significantly different setups (or you will lose the customization on those PCs).  If using a NAS, then don't have to mirror games (but can come with speed hit if have slow network and depending on emulator).  

For example, for the "kids" setup it was a massively stripped-down version of my master setup. I mirrored over initially a LB setup from master and then on that local PC stripped out the emulators not used, deleted games, etc so only included what want.  Brute force approach, but really didn't take that long.  At that point only sync is done on the games folder and media but not the LB data folder or other emulators not used.  Rarely do I update that computer since it is mostly very small set of MAME games, and cartridge-based games (PC is too slow for CD based).  Basically, this is what you described, copy over, delete what don't want.  

Even for the cabinet, my experience is once you get that running, you REALLY don't want to mess with things that much.  I use that cabinet copy as "it works" if I mess up something on the Master (my main gaming PC).  Plus for cabinet, you usually have different setups for things than on PC (controls, screen, etc).  Again, found it easier to master over the whole thing, get it setup to cabinet specs and then setting FreeFileSync to only copy folders like media, roms, game files and not touch emulation folders and LB data side.  


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