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Is it possible to add HBO Max, hulu, paramount+ and netflix to Win 11?


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Windows 11 does not have thick clients for these streaming services, but you can go to any website and save it as an application. 

I am wondering if there is a way to use this feature in bigbox so I could have a home theatre experience. I looked into Kodi but not sure what it does since all youtube videos make it look like you need your own video library's.

Even getting the web installed app for example HBO max to launch through launchb box / big box you cannot type because of no on screen keyboard to search with. 

Can someone tell me more about kodi and my options to add TV streaming services to big box / launch box?

One additional tiny question, fall out new vegas has a start launcher that makes you select your graphics ect with a mouse, is there a way to bypass that launcher? Would like to just click play

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I hope I don't get roasted for this, but for most users Kodi is going to be a much better Media Center experience. It would just take a lot of work to get Bigbox to do what Kodi does, though I have seen some people do it.

You don't need to use your own videos for Kodi. Kodi isn't the easiest thing to configure at first, but the apps you're looking for are called "add ons" and you can download them from within Kodi and also manually if you'd rather that. 

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