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  1. Because we can use the "Scrape as" feature to essentially name systems whatever we want in Launchbox, it might* be the case that updating the scrape names is low on the priority list.
  2. Yes. I didn't know cso could be used for ps2 but as I understand its not lossless compression. Gzip is. Meaning if you compress to CSO you lose some of the data which to me is a no no even if it saves more space. Both CSO and Gzip are lossless* .rvz is newer and equally lossless and it's compression level is pretty excellent and is fully supported by dolphin so no need to decompress. I'm working on a 1g1r gamecube set I'm currently at almost 600 games at 470 gigs total for the full set. Edit: I should note that if you gzip your ps2 games, on first launch with pcsx2 it'll take an ex
  3. Just a heads up, PS2 should use gz (gzip) and gamecube should definitely be using .rvz now. No need to decompress either.
  4. Sorry if this was covered already but is there any reason this wouldn't work with a windows 10 app? I only have one game (minecraft) through the windows store, imported to launchbox as a shortcut .lnk file and if Steamlauncher is on, launchbox doesn't do anything when I try to launch it. No error, no movement at all. Not a huge deal since honestly if I ever want to play it I usually don't bother opening LB to launch it, but curious.
  5. Another oldie, best art I could find. Note that the LB database entry: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/96278 is slightly incorrect. The game is listed as Tex Murphy: Under a Killing moon, but the game title is just "Under a Killing Moon". May be splitting hairs but the below box doesn't include the Tex Murphy part. Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Under_a_Killing_Moon
  6. Might be a tough one. 'The Roach Game' isn't a part of the official game title, fyi which is "Bad Mojo", but either way works for me. Thanks! Link to the LB Database Entry: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/images/17036
  7. I've filled in a bunch of platform data by hand in my build. I'm not sure what the process is to get them actually added to the database, but I'm willing to help in any way I can. (I'm not so good with making art, don't use photostop, but I figured out how to use Windows Paint to cut out and put transparency behind images for devices.)
  8. Not me! But I have this "weird friend" who will buy a game and spend so much time messing around with the controls until they are *perfect* that he won't even feel like playing the game. It's me. I do this.
  9. Don't kill yourself over it! haha. Everyone can wait. But do know that its appreciated, at least. In terms of the Steam Controller Support itself... I myself have a historic love of controllers (I never really got the hang of KB/Mouse but more importantly my computer is hooked directly to my living room TV and I play on the couch.... I have 10 years behind me of using EVERY available method of wrapping and keymapping to try and make things work. Steam demolishes all of them. It's not even close. Radial menu, MOUSE REGIONS (I saw a video the other day of someone using steam mapping to pla
  10. Just want to say thank you for this and for all the work! This is a feature I didn't know I needed and now I'm not sure how I lived without it. It's great for modded PC games oddly enough, allowing me to map controls using steam onto games which don't work reliably (or at all) when using the traditional method of importing them to steam as a non steam game, and also easily mapping old computer systems I emulate on the fly. You're awesome.
  11. I don't know any indepth retroarch video tutorials, but that doesn't mean they aren't out there. But Retroarch isn't an emulator, its more like a front end for other emulators called Cores. However, the options for stuff like controls, bezels, settings etc. can all be saved on a per game, per core, per directory, or (every system at the same time) basis. It can be a bit confusing. On top of that, each core will have its own Core Options and Controller options etc. under Quick Menu, which you can only access when a game is open. I'm just making this more confusing aren't I? haha. I th
  12. If you bind the RA hotkeys to the controller, you can't use the keyboard hotkeys to open the menu. Open retroarch solo outside of everything and set up a keyboard hotkey to open menu. (you can set it back later) That's step 1, you have to be able to access the RA menu in game. "However, when I play NBA Jam tournament edition, only one controller shows up. " Are you checking to see that the other inputs P2, P3 are set to a different controller in Retroarch? At the top of the controller menu you can tell it which controller to bind to which input, but in truth Windows assigns random ID
  13. Absolutely love this theme. Using it on my big build for much joy. One question though, where do the platform categories logos come from? I want to try to find some roughly matching ones for my two custom platform categories "Computer Software" and "Miscellaneous." Thanks!
  14. Interact Home Computer - best I could do:
  15. VideoBrain Family Computer (Someone needs to dust this thing off):
  16. Sega CD 32X - Yes, this is a thing: https://segaretro.org/Sega_Mega-CD_32X
  17. Made one for the surprisingly emulatable Konix Multisystem:
  18. You can still drag and drop your own curated set and import like normal in launchbox, right? The only thing you'd have to do is type in the command line manually under associated platforms?
  19. Thanks for this! We really need a solid repository for these. I have a few homemade ones I can pitch in but the quality is probably lower.
  20. Geared mostly for older, bigger builds that have been around since before Launchbox had its media cleaning tools. After years of "updating" media on the same build I realized I had a lot of duplicates that had the same name but different extensions, .jpg or .png. Please note that when I say the word "duplicate" I'm not necessarily talking about identical images, just identically named images where one is being displayed in Launchbox and the other being ignored and taking up space. Example of duplicate Box Art: Air Cars-01.jpg Air Cars-01.png My build is huge and I wante
  21. Just stumbled on this, never heard of Odysim but if I'm understanding you correctly the games are like exes? If so, just import them like you would any other exe, NO emulator and launchbox will launch them easily. I'm going to try to check out Odysim now and I'll report back if I can get it running.
  22. Just remember that you can name your systems whatever you want and just "scrape as" the Launchbox database name for the system. I'm not saying consistency shouldn't be an aim but it isn't as if you're locked in to the database names. It doesn't have to look "inconsistent" to you, whatever your preferences are, which is the most important thing.
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