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Launching games with Classic Boy Lite and Classic Boy Pro not working


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I just installed LaunchBox on my Retroid Pocket 2+ and was so excited to use it I bought a license while importing my games. Unfortunately I've had a really rocky time trying to use it. 

Classic Boy Lite & Pro are both options on the emulator list, but I can't get any games to play with them. They work and play games fine outside of LaunchBox though. I do have RetroArch as a back up but keep having a buggy experience especially with controls so I'd rather use something else. 

When first trying to launch a GBA, N64 or SNES game with Classic Boy Pro I get this error saying "Unable to find explicit activity class". Same with Classic Boy Lite. Since Classic Boy Lite and Classic Boy Pro are listed in the menu as Classic Boy and Classic Boy Gold I figure maybe their parameters are out of date.

So I try to add Classic Boy Pro manually thru the Custom Emulator option, used adb to find an activity named com.portableandroid.classicboy.MainActivity, and get a Permission Denial message. If anyone knows the correct configuration to add this please let me know. 

I hope it's possible to get these updated in the app menu soon. I think maybe an update from these emulators may have broken the configuration because the same thing is happening on Reset Collection (yet Lite still sort of works). 



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@samchop I've been working on trying to get ClassicBoy Pro and Lite working, but I haven't been having much luck. I haven't found any documentation on how to launch the new versions properly, unfortunately, and everything I've tried has failed. So I'm at a loss for the moment.

For the time being, I'm going to remove support for those emulators from LaunchBox. We can add them back in if anyone can clarify how to launch those emulators (or if they get fixed). To be frank, it looks like most of the platforms (if not all of them) are already well-covered by RetroArch, so I would recommend using RetroArch instead anyways. I can see how people might like the ClassicBoy interface better, but if you're using a frontend, that probably doesn't matter much anyways.

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